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Cheapest Heli-skiing in Europe?

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Anyone know where has the cheapest heliskiing in Europe at the moment?



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Probably somewhere in Russia. 

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Speaking of Russia (the site of the next Winter Olympics), these guys might be offering discounts for skiers with their slightly used MI-8. 

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Cheapest = skins



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Cheap, Europe, Heli.  Wow.  Good luck buddy. 

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Sorry I wasn't clearer enought in the original post. Looking for the cheapest place in Europe for heliskiing, not cheap - just the least expensive.



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Keep in mind that you generally need to fill a heli yourself here.

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This sounds pretty good too. Maybe a less deadly option for Russian heli-skiing.

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Check these guys out:  I've skied with them a couple of times.  Solid operation.  They can put together anything you want including the lodging/meals.  Good off piste is the weather isn't flyable.

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