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Ski Boots.....Exquisite Torture....Pain, Death and Hell....

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Alrighty....Obi Wan, you are my last hope.


Since I have been skiing....basically for the past 14 years....I have a major problem - my feet.


If stretch before...drop 800mg of Advil, and only ski groomed blues....my feet are often bearable. Hit the off piste...and welcome to the 7th dimension of hell.


I can take pain...I have played semi pro rugby, reset my own shoulder and fingers playing football, and competitively box.


The pain...the feeling that my arches are being torn asunder is the worst pain I have ever felt.


Sufficed to say:


1. I am limited to what I ski

2. I am on the verge of quitting entirely

3. I have been to every 'boot doctor' in Canada and the US

4. I have custom orthotics ($600)

5. I have been to a podiatrist

6. I have widish feet, and large calves


I have skied in Noridcas, and Technicas....but would try anything. Hell, I have considered going old school with some mid entrys.


I am not sure if:

1. The blood flow is being cut off to my feet

2. I am fighting the boot

3. ????


I hypothize, but I am not sure. Basically, I am either looking for someone that has a genie available for one more wish, or someone that has had similar situation.


I would love a recommendation (other than stop skiing, or amputation).


Thanks all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ok probably need a bit more information, but lets start with 2 big probably causes


you say you have a large calf, if over 14" then you may be getting pushed forwards which will load the ball of the foot and cause a lot of pain


the other which may well be linked is how much available flexion do you have in your ankle joint, if the calf muscle is tight then this too can load up the ball of the foot.


as to what works with your foot impossible to say over the net, what have you done in terms of buying boots before, you say you have been to laods of fitters but have you had one of them sell you the boot or have you bought a boot then taken it to somewhere to have it fitted?


there are loads of wide boots out there but wide may not be the answer, establishing the biomechanical issues and addressing them is what needs to be done, from the limited info we have my guesses are those above


without wanting to sound derogitoty to podiatrists ..most of them are not good at ski boot stuff they make orthotics to fit street shoes not ski boots


where are you based? we may be able to direct you to either a very experienced fitter or one who is a pedorthist too


good luck getting this sorted


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Thanks for your reply.


My calves are larger than 14" - that sounds crazy to say it, but I guess it's true.


I am in Calgary, Alberta - but travel frequently. If there's someone you trust over here, I 'd like to get into contact with them.


Going with what you know of my situation, can you make some boot suggestions....perhaps a place to start?




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hard to help online, but few more questions.  (I'm in banff, if you want to make a stop to see me)

These questions will help a boot fitter will have a better understanding of the problem and can start to help you. Better Or Worse = (BOW)

1) BOW with the buckles tighter or looser?

2) BOW with thinner or thicker socks?

3) BOW with any footbeds (custom, stock, none, etc)?

4) BOW skiing, standing, or feet un-weighted (hanging off a chair lift)?

5) BOW thru out the day (and when does the pain start?)

6) BOW on the first vs the third day?

7) BOW on harder or easier terrain?

8) BOW with the power straps (velcro straps) tighter or looser?

9) BOW if you do any particular movements, or actions?

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Hi Atomicgray,




     You mention you have skied a couple of brands, but which boot are you in now?

What size boot are you in now (boot sole length please)?  What size street shoe are you in now?

(I know---I know--- thats a loaded question----who knows what size any shoes are now adays?)

As Colin asked, what is the cirumference of your calfs at the top of the liner of the boot?

How much forward lean does your boot have (with the boot heel against the wall--measure

from a wall to the inside of the top of the shell in mm)

Is there a spoiler in the boot?  Do you have heel lifts installed?


Have you done a shell check as described in the WIKI at the front of this section?


Whew---lots of questions!



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Thank you all for your continued interest.

I am currently in a pair of Technica boots. They have been modified by probably five different boot docs.

My calf at boot height is approx 17.5 inches.

Some foam lifts were added last year.

My shoe size is 10.5 - 11 depending.

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with a 17.5" calf you are being pushed over an inch forward of where you should be in the boot..... assuming you have done a shell check as in the wiki at the top of the forum and all is good with that, then you need to get the back of the boot shell flared to accomodate this calf muscle, there is also a likelyhood that (how should i put this) removing the $600 orthotics and getting somehting ski specific (and a fair bit cheaper) may be more apropriate, often podiatrist made orthotics are not great in ski boots unless they were specifically designed for the purpose, i have, in the past had better results from a £35 off the shelf insert than the client was getting from the expensive ones, it just varies from person to person

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so has anything, that anybody has done helped at all?


also answering the above questions might help us more too?

does the pain start the moment the boots go on your foot?  or when you stand up?  when you click into the bindings, when you start skiing?


do you get this pain in anyother footwear?  any other sports?

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Dave and I are both near you.  I'm in Calgary.  Have you been to see either of us?



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Hi Lou,


I am near to you, and had been in to see you a few times before.


Let's give it a fresh start, and perhaps these customizable bootliners are the way to go.

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