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K2 Afterschock Length?

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I presently have K2 Explorer 177 length. I am going to replace this ski with the K2 Afterschock. I am an expert skier and ski Vail mountain exclusively, the whole mountain, groomers, crude, bumps etc. My question is, should I go with a 174 Afterschock or a 181? Any opinions out there?

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Probably 181 due to the rockered tip.


174 will ski a lot shorter than the Explorer 177. My experience is K2's ski short to begin with and the rockered tip probably will make it feel even shorter.

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IMO you may want to consider the K2 Rictor instead. The Aftershock is essentially an inferior (and slightly wider) Rictor, meaning less stable at speed, inferior edge grip, and inferior feel (regardless of turn length). This is both from first hand experience at a demo and the realskiers.com review ...

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