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Best Ski Shop in Rochester, New York?

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Does anyone know where the best place is in Rochester, NY to have my bindings mounted to my new skis?  I called the Ski Company and they want $80 bucks which in my opinion is absolutely ridiculous.  I just moved here from Akron, OH and it was only $20 bucks to have them mounted there.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I think they are the ONLY ski shop in town so there's the problem. Snow in Pittsford is the same outfit, different name and location.  I was there last week and the "manager" didn't have a clue. Saw several non indemnified bindings in their used selection. Just looked at the Bristol Mountain site and they want $25 if you buy the gear there and $70 if you didn't. They'll check them for $16.  Frankly, if I just dropped $900 for boots, skis and bindings and they wanted another $25 to make it skiable, I'd walk. I mount my own.

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Well, the consensus is - leave town. Ellicotville, south of Buffalo has some good shops. Lake effect snow country.  Don't know prices but better done right than done cheap. Let me know the binding and the ski and I could make my drill press available. I love playing with gear. Then all you'll need is a $16 test at Bristol.

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I have bought from the Ski Co in Henrietta,had service done at both locations, and been in the tuning room in Pittsford a couple times.


Go elswhere or learn to mount your bindings on your own. These locations only cater to urban skiers, their prices, service and selection represent that.

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Well, the consensus is - leave town.

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Mudd, Sweat and Gear in Ellicottville is certainly a good shop. Don't know what they charge but it cannot be more than what Ski Co charges. At least MSG will do a good job. Cayuga Ski and Cyclery in Ithaca is also great but it's a bit further South. Another idea is to check with the ski club at Bristol and see whom the coaches there recommend.

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I'm wondering the same thing. I just moved here from WA.  Do people on the East Coast know that out West, if you buy equipment at the shop, the shop will mount the bindings right then, on the spot, for less than $20? I just bought new boots for my 11 year old son and need the bindings adjusted on his skis.  Ski Co needs two weeks and $25 to do this. Unbelievable! 

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Interested in what you mean by "adjusted" for your sons skis. A remount or just slide the heel and check due to longer boots? The problem here in Rachaha is a short season, few techs and no competition. Did you go the Ski Co. route? On the other hand, try to find a garbage plate in Seattle.

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Not sure about the charge, but Ski Company has always done N/C mounts when I've bought a set of skis and bindings from them. Regarding the wait-you're experiencing the Rochester "lemming" phenonmenon-there's backyard snow in the city and 'burbs, so it's time to ski. The shops are at their busiest. The tuning center at Bristol was jammed with skis yesterday.

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Went into Snow Ski & Board today. Asked the clerk " I don't race, just ski occasionally. What wax would you recommend that would work in most conditions here?" Clerk - Well, they all have temperatures on them, let me ask the manager. Manager - "They all have temperatures on them."  Am I dumb? I have a lead on a local mounter that knows what he's doing and cares. Stay tuned.

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Both Snow and Ski Company will charge $79.99 to mount skis you didn't buy there.  They will charge $26 to do adjustments (or $16 if you're adjusting it to a leased ski boot) and $16 for a binding check.  They'll of course do it no charge if you buy the skis there.

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Ski Company is a pain, nobody there seems to be interested in actually helping you and doing any work to allow to you buy what you want. I went in to order a Nordic profile and they tried to convince me nordic vises do not exist and alpine vises are all you need. Then they refused to order anything from swix for me. Its really to bad I have 100$ in gift cards there...

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Times 2. They are truly clueless. But the only game in town. Sell your cards on CL at a discount and order from Reliable Racing on line? Play It Again Sports at South Town Plaza is doing mounts, binding tests and ski tunes at reasonable prices by competent ex-Muxworthy techs so I'm told.

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When it comes to Rochester shops though, Snow is def better than Ski Co.  Sometimes their prices aren't the best, but they have awesome service (99% of the time wooley) and if you ask nicely they will usually mount the bindings right on the spot or within a few days mzb.  Just my thoughts from a life long Rochestarian

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That's what Rochester has to offer, the garbage plate, Wolley12? Great. Real proud of that.


Go out of town for equipment, Rochester is a limited audience, expensive and captive.

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That's what Rochester has to offer, the garbage plate, Wolley12? Great. Real proud of that.


Go out of town for equipment, Rochester is a limited audience, expensive and captive.


As a displaced Western New Yorker who learned to ski at Kissing Bridge I'd say it's worth $80 to have bindings mounted if one could get a garbage plate once in a while... Or maybe some Duff's wings.


I don't I've ever had a garbage plate sober though...

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Just happened to trip over this thread again. Park Ave Ski is doing mounts and tunes reputably so I hear. I'm sitting in Tacoma at my daughter's house.  Just finished mounting some K2 Pontoons with Salomon S900's on her kitchen counter with a TGR paper template, a drill and some beer. Made the 130mm brake arms myself. Was supposed to start a week of slope side living and skiing at Snoqualmie Pass today  but I-90 was closed for avy control and we couldn't get there.  3 feet of snow last night. 3-6 feet more expected tomorrow. Maybe by Thursday. That's OK as I'm here until February. CL should be flooded with cheap excess Bristol Mt. 12-pack left overs by the time I get home. That is all.



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I know this is an old post but I am trying to reach 15 posts so that I can post some gear.  Go to your local ski area (Bristol, Holiday valley) they should have a shop guy that will charge 25$ or so.

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There is a new ski shop in Rochester NY!

MLB Ski Service - www.MLBSki.com

Members of the epicski site get 10% off the regular posted prices just mention EPIC2013 !

They provide a full competition level ski tune and can repair most damage including de-lamination and cracked edges.

Did you buy new skis on the internet and need them mounted? Call MLB Ski!

The shop is in a garage, but they have all the tools including a stone grinding machine and provide overnight service including pick-up and delivery!

They also sell and install Hotronic e4 Boot Heaters! Best Prices in Rochester!



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Good luck to you and your business. Sounds like you'll be providing a needed service. Direct contact with the tech is the best.


Since my previous post, I've moved 2636 miles east on I-90. The local shop is 3 miles away and owned by Martin Volken, a Swiss ski mountaineering guide. The boot fitter and manager, Dave, really knows his business and I have great fitting boots for the first time in my life. The ski area is 20 min away and has everything from a magic carpet to steeps with cliffs that can kill you and inbound avalanches. Hope you all in Rochester are getting some good snow from the storm.

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I too moved out of Rochester. 1600 miles west to Denver. No regrets! Rochester is a Toxic wasteland and it's only getting worse.
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I moved to a new experience, not to get away.from Upstate NY.  Try getting a fried cake, white hot or a sub as sweet a one from Rubino’s. And no one here can properly polish my bocci balls. Skiing here is off the page, though. I giggle to myself every day.

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I know how you feel. Every time I walk into a King Soopers I'm reminded of how good life was when I was surrounded by Wegmans. But in all honesty, given the weather, culture, and legal weed not a day goes by that I ever regret leaving that city. Wegmans and the occasional garbe plate is all I miss. I mean a RMSP is cheaper than a season pass to Bristol. Come on man!
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