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Osprey Packs Kode 22

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I have an Osprey Switch 36 that I use to get my gear onto the mountain and am looking for a smaller pack to ski with and use as a carry on.  Anybody use the Osprey Kode 22?  Any other suggestions in the 22L-25L range?

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These appear to have a good following for hiking and carrying skis, along with the Kode from what I have found so far:


Gregory Drift: 20L




Mystery Ranch Fuze: 24L






Mammut Nirvana 25




I have a Switch 40+5 and have been looking for something in the 30L range, but am currently wondering if a 24L size is a better size.


If you do not need to be concerned with carrying skis or avy tools, there are a zillion possibilities that can be used year round for other activities.


For reference, here's the Osprey Kode 22:



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Has anybody ever used one of these packs?  I currently do not carry skis or avy tool, so that is not a big deal, I am looking for something that is in the 22L-25L range that is comfortable to ski with.  I am admittedly partial to the osprey kode 22 just because I already have an osprey pack and love it.  But, I am just curious as to how comfortable it is and am always looking for better suggestions.  I am 5'9 and a trim 190lbs.

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Comfort is unique to the pack design and the wearer.  Most good packs, including Osprey, come in different sizes to accomodate (eg weight should be on the hips, not the shoulders).  Best bet is to try the pack on with a brick or two inside and spend a few minutes tramping around the shop.  You have already answered your own question on Osprey quality  (I have Osprey, Deuter and Macpac packs).

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