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Volkl AC40 or the Rossi Phantom SC80

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Hello,  First time post.  I am in the market for a new pair.  I am 6' tall 180 lbs.  Intermediate to advanced-intermediate skier.


I would like something that may be an 80 on 20 off ski.  Mostly going to ski the hills of Wisconsin on groomed terrain but have planned a trip to Aspen.  I would like to get someting that will handle a day of powder if the opportunity presented itself. 


I have found pretty descent deals on a pair of Volkl AC40 (170) and a pair of Rossignol Phantom SC80 (175).  I am currently skiing on a very narrow pair Fischer Revolutions.  Which would you recommend?  I am nervous about making the jump to the mid-fat category ski but also excited to do it.  What should I expect making this jump?


Thanks for the info,



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Hi - Welcome. Well, two different skis, for sure. I've skied the AC40 in 170, weighed 165 at the time, it was an archetypal wide carver. Stiff, lively, heavy, carved through irregular surfaces and ice like a skate, busted crud, and dove like a submarine when it found powder. Doable in bumps, but not its natural habitat. For an intermediate-advanced, probably about right length; the 177 is another animal altogether (I reviewed both lengths at Epic several years ago); would not advise even at your weight unless you're pretty comfortable at real speed in crud.


I haven't skied this particular SC, but based on my experience with the 86, would assume it's damp, moderate weight, so-so on ice and hardpack, very smooth and planted at speed in crud, in no hurry to turn, decent float in powder. Eg, the inverse of the AC40. I lived in Michigan for a while, would want the AC40 for there. But the SC80 (or really, the 86) will make you happier in Colorado. So maybe you need to decide priorities...or get one now and one in six months when the sales are on.

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Hi thanks for the reply.  So are you saying the Rossi would be a bad choice?  Is the Rossi at all a groomer ski?


Also,  what would you recommend? 


Thanks again,



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Hi - Not saying that either ski couldn't perform adequately in either place. What I'd recommend is what I recommended: Set priorities. I know folks who focus on their ski trips out west, gear-wise, and make do back here. I also know folks who optimize for back here and make do out west. Also keep in mind that neither ski would be my choice for a one-ski quiver; was just addressing the question asked. If you held a gun to my head, and said, "which one, no other choices" I'd go with the AC40 on the grounds that you said 80/20, it would be money for Wisconsin, and I've had plenty of Aspen trips which didn't involve 6+ inches of powder. Actually not a powder paradise. But it does have a lot of bumps and trees, and the AC40 is more demanding in those terrains, so if you get them go take some lessons.  The next year, buy yourself a pair of true powder skis, as in >105 mm, and you'll be set.


If you don't see yourself taking lessons, or getting a double ski bag, then the AC40's will wear you out. Get the Rossi's, and set the edges to 1/3. They'll be OK at home and more fun out west. 


See, like I said, priorities...

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Hi Brian,

It sounds like we are very similar in terms of build and ability.  I can't comment on the AC40s, but skied on the Phantom 80s last year for a day at Snowbasin and absolutely loved them.  There wasn't a lot of powder, but they did OK in it.  They aren't powder skis though.  If you are truly 80/20 and want a ski that does well on groomed runs, bumps, in trees and won't sink you in powder, I'd recommend them.  My mindset is that if I'm ever somewhere that really gets dumped on, I'll rent fat skis to ski the powder, but for most days, I want an all mountain ski.  Check out some reviews on the Phantom 80s, but the best thing you can do is try them for a day before you buy.

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Got it.  Thanks for the insight.  I think I am going to hold off on both.  Look for a Blizzard Mag 7.6 or something similar.  Then like you said try to find a true soft snow ski prior to going out west.


Again I appreciate the help.



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