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Rossignol Bandit 1 vs Bandit 2

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Anybody know the difference between these two models?

I believe that both are 2-4 years out of production.

B-1 I think is red while B-2 is blue.

Considering this ski for my "tweener" son who is 14 yrs old, 120 lbs,  - still growing - and a very good all mountain cruiser - but not a racer.

Any info would be helpful.


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4 words from a ski dad,

 all kids love "twinips"..............( heck,even some of us old farts)

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The B1 remained a wood core ski for much of its run, smooth and maneuverable, but by comparison with today's carver shapes, did not initiate as quickly, or iron out chop or heavy snow as effortlessly. Very nice in bumps, surprisingly good grip on ice if you stayed with them. The woodies were red and white. I actually owned a pair up until two years ago. I think it went to an intermediate style foam core after that, lost most of its guts, and mojo. Cannot recall the color. 


The B2 was blue and white, foam core all the way, very versatile all around ski, light, easy to handle, again, very nice in bumps, silky smooth, excellent soft snow cruiser, not especially fast edge to edge, just OK on ice. Lower performance envelope than the B1, but way more versatile. Was probably the world's most popular all mountain ski for its day. By today's standards, not so much of a big deal. 


Don't agree that all 14 year olds have to have twins, would depend on whether he already is interested in the park. OTOH, these days there are a lot better choices out there than either the B2 or B1, unless you can get a phenomenal deal and the ski is virtually new. Realize that they represent an older design, long and not particularly high performance for the effort, by today's standards. I'd think instead about a clean used Blizzard 7.6 Magnum, or an Elan 78, or a Rossignol 82 CA Avenger. They'll grow with him. If he wants a good twin, get him a K2 Extreme in 172. Last season's still around new at great prices, excellent all mountain ski.

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Skied on a pair of Bandit X's for quite a few years.  The B1 which sort of replaced it was not as high performance, more of an intermediate to advanced ski.  The B2 was a bit wider and higher performance.  If picking between the two, I would go for the B2.  As noted, there are better skis out there now. 

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My son had B2's for several years about that age.  (They are 78 mm wide, if I remember correctly. He had the 172 cm length, and was about that weight). They were a great choice for him.

The model is getting a bit old, but if they are in good shape and cheap I don't think you can go wrong with them.


The B1 is narrower, and may have been more of a beginner ski.  (I got the B3 for myself the same time I got my son the B2.  The B3 is 83 mm wide.)

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Would $200 for a new pair of Rossignol B2's (flat - no bindings) be considered a good deal?

Any suggestions for bindings (reasonable price) for an advanced intermediate skier 120lbs?


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