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The widest foot ever

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I'm planning on buying boots next year (Feb) on a trip to SLC from Australia.

Last time I was there a boot fitter couldn't fit my foot bc of limited stock etc

I measured my foot by standing on a ruler placed on the ground and it measured almost 120mm.

Here in Oz I take a 10.5/11 GGG-H wide shoe.

I also have fat calves and I'm 175cm and 100kgs and int/adv


What in the 2011 range should I start to look at?

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NOTHING will fit you, out of the box (this is similar to most people) but a good boot fitter can get 5-10mm per side on the shell.

also at 100kg, you will need a stiff boot too.


I would start by looking for a good boot fitter, and not a boot (the other way is just the tail wagging the dog), as no matter what you buy, from anyone, someone will have to make it wider, so why not start the game with what the bootfitter has, and wants to work with?


salomon mission 12 RS is a wide/stiff boot, if you really want to buy stuff blind.


also, most boot fitters include all the work with boots you buy form them, so even a online, sale boot, will cost you $100-200 more for footbeds, and shell work (maybe new liner too)

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Thanks, figured as much, I was looking at Daleboots in SLC to fit my Hobbit feet (Lord of the Rings ref!), but was after options in notso custom less pricey boot options



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Steve Bagley works at Snowbird in the area shop.  I would contact him.


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