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EpicSki Announces High Fives for the Holidays Benefit Drive

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EpicSki is a community of core skiers. We love to ski more than just about anything. When we're not skiing, we keep the stoke alive by watching exciting skiing in photographs and films, on EpicSki and YouTube, in Powder and Freeskier, at the movies and on TV. Because we all get so much vicarious pleasure from their exploits, we wanted to bring the EpicSki Community's attention this holiday season to the good works of the High Fives Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Tahoe, "dedicated to raising money and awareness for athletes who have suffered a life-altering injury while pursuing their dream in the winter action sports community."


This holiday season, EpicSki and our partner Huddler will donate 10% of the gross revenues from all Supporter subscriptions received during the month of December to benefit the High Fives Foundation. Please join us!




Become An EpicSki Supporter or Sponsor

Get VIP Access to Epic, Amazing Deals & Free Gifts for Just $45/year

(10% will be donated to the High Fives Foundation) 

Support the Community We All Love




EpicSki Supporter Membership Includes:

  • Supporter Lounge – Access to private forums with no topic restrictions.  Get to know your fellow Barking Bears in a convivial atmosphere.

  • Gear Swap – Only supporters can start threads in the Gear Swap – Buy & Sell forum. Your supporter subscription helps to make this service possible and ensures a secure, spam-free environment.
  • Premium Article Collection – A high quality and conveniently organized collection of ski-related articles and photos from professional ski writers and industry experts.  Examples include:
            Movement Analysis by W. Westfeldt and S. Schuler
           The Many Faces of Feedback by Joan Heaton
           Nolo's Elements of Style
           and more...
  • EpicSki Supporter Badge – Let it be known that you back EpicSki with a Supporter Badge 524x1000px-LL-badge-supporter.gif
  • ESA Access – As a supporter, you become eligible to attend EpicSki Academy Events.
  • Instructor Listing,  Forums  and Badge - If you are an instructor, you may request an instructor listing, for the EpicSki Instructor and Coach Listing and the Instructor Badge, included only with supporter subscriptions. 
  • Exclusive entry to drawings and contests where we give away great prizes like skis, trips, accessories, and DVDs.
  • New! Ability to turn off advertising!
  • New! Ability to upload attachments to your posts!
  • New! Access to our new Chat Room and Scheduled Chats with EpicSki Experts


Current Gifts & Exclusive Offers*

  • Free Weems DVD – “Brilliant Skiing, Every Day"

  • New! Deep discounts on new products from ~80 top-of-the-line outdoor brands, including skis, clothing, and other essentials
  • New! Exclusive discounts with StartHaus, Slidewright, DoctorD, and other EpicSki sponsors.


*You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase that will include detailed instructions on how to access your Supporter benefits.

Current members on why being a Supporter rules:

  • "Well, I got paid back in full the first time I used Promotive, sold some nice skis off Gear Swap w/o having to pay eBay fees, found some nice Enforcers from Start Haus at a great price, and learned a thing or two along the way from Slidewright and a few others.   Plus, great advice, ideas and entertainment from the forums. The "Supporter" membership is an absolute no-brainer." -- Quant2325

  • "I've gleaned an immense volume of useful, often accurate information from the site itself, and have made more than a hand-full of real friends as a result of my involvement. I've had the chance to ski with about 2 score Bears, most of them much stronger skiers than me, and enjoyed their company greatly. Thus far, none of them has blown me off, or stranded me on a desolate mountain side. My membership here has enriched my experience as a skier, and thus my life in general to an inestimable degree." -- Bazzer

  • “Becoming a supporter was an investment in my future as a professional ski instructor.  With the help of EpicSki and it’s many great members, I have accomplished my goal of obtaining my full certification and am now living my dream of teaching my love of skiing to others.” – Snowmiser
  •  "Becoming an active Epicski supporter has been a very fulfilling experience.  Exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge of Epic is a very worthwhile experience.  Meeting other dedicated skiers, selling and purchasing from other Bears are just some of the bonus points." – Pete No. Idaho
  • "I had been toying with the idea of going skiing again for about three years, but after hanging around Epic and becoming a Supporter I got the encouragement I needed from the other Barking Bears to follow through and get to the top of that mountain again." – Crgildart


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Become An EpicSki Supporter or Sponsor


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Hi everyone in the EpicSki Community! We are excited to work with the wonderful folks at EpicSki. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about High Fives Non-Profit Foundation. Here are some of the latest athletes we have helped... http://highfivesfoundation.org/recipients.html


Thank you,



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Thanks for checking in, Adam, and welcome to EpicSki! Thanks for giving us this opportunity to rally for a good cause. 

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I had the privelage of meeting the High Fives gang at Snowbomb and am inspired by their energy and generosity.


This Holiday Benefit Drive mosdef deserves a High Five!

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(I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but *some* EpicSki Supporters are getting their subscription fees paid back in a single deal through our Promotive group, where we can get up to 70% off great merchandise from top outdoor brands! Now that winter is here we're seeing some great offers from well-known ski brands like Icelantic, Obermeyer, Head, Marmot, Helly-Hansen, Marker, etc. The only catch is you're asked to write a review of what you buy--and since it's best quality current year goods it's a pleasure to brag on it, especially when you snagged it for half price or better!)


Why not give yourself the present of EpicSki Supporter-hood and give the High Fives a nice prezzie at the same time!

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Please check out the interview that Trekchick did with High Fives founder Roy Tuscany and freeskier Michelle Parker at the Snowbomb Ski & Snowboard Festival at Santa Clara November 13-14, 2010:





*With great appreciation to our friend reducedfatoreo, Sound Magician, for cleaning out the background noise and slimming down the file size so we can present this interview. We're hopeful that this is only the first of many EpicSki video interviews and presentations. Thanks to Trekchick, Philpug, and Cirquerider for making the video and representing us at Snowbomb. 


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It was really fun getting to know Roy, Michelle, Adam and the rest of the High Fives gang at Snowbomb.  I'd like to thank them for their time and energy in such a good cause, that hits close to home with our community.  I'd also like to thank them for allowing me to work on my humble interview skills for this event.


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We just added another benefit for Supporters (a $10 credit on your first purchase of deeply discounted outdoor merchandise) yesterday that runs through the first of the year. Do some good and do yourself some good--become a Supporter this December!


Here's what Supporters are saying about the "Pro Deals" they're getting through their membership:

The Promotive deal paid off my membership for the next two years and then some. 
I just scored a pair of Leki ski poles this morning.  40% off Leki is hard to find.
At this price, a total steal ... and Isis will let guys buy for significant others ...
Crank Brothers stuff is great. I am hoping to buy a pair of cobalt wheels for Santa to give to me..... 
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The High Fives "Pay it forward" is a really nice holiday gift.  The High Fives mission is really something that keeps giving:



High Fives Foundation is a Tahoe-based non-profit organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for athletes who have suffered a life-altering injury while pursuing their dream in the winter action sports community.



How does this credit work?  Is this on Promotive?  Do we need to enter any kind of discount code? 

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Go to the Supporter Lounge and click on New Benefit for Supporters. It's also in the sticky note with all the other benefit codes. It's something new!

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With the increasing supporter benefits, I feel like there is a voice in the background saying...........But Wait!  There's more!


Why wait?  become a supporter today, get the great benefits and pay it forward to an organization that's close to our hearts.

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