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Is 130 too stiff for me?

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 Hi, i'm an east coast skier (I ski mostly Mountain Creek and Hunter, lots of man made, hard pack and ice depends on weather), 5'7 weighting 130 lbs. Skill wise I would say i'm a solid level 6, hoping to move up to at least 8 before season end and I don't want to have to buy new boots by then. Currently I ski mostly groomed blue and black, goal for this season is to get reasonably comfy in mogul, double black and land a few beginner tricks (spread eagle, back grab, 180&360, maybe lincoln roll). Up until now I've been skiing an ex rental that has 70 flex and WAY too big, so this season i'm determined to invest in a good pair of boot. I can't afford to go to a ski shop and get boot fitted, so I've been researching all summer on the topic. What I would like to ask is, for a skier of my height, weight and goal, is a boot with 130 flex like the Head RS 96 entirely too stiff? Should I get something more in the 100-110 range?

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odds are yes, but with seeing how you can move the boot (you seeing a real boot fitter) it is hard to know.


buy it, try if, and if it doesn't work, either see a boot fitter, or think of the money you saved...

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I think you are talking about the RD boots.  Boots in this last width are not easy to fit.  If you don't have access to a good fitter I'd go a little wider.  How wide is your foot?



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I have very narrow foot, 96 at the fore foot, so I don't think I will have problem fitting into that boot. Actually part of the reason why I'm considering flex that high is because I want a narrow boot. I'm just worried I won't hv a necessary weight to flex them.
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If you can locate one, try an Atomic STI 100. It is advertised as a 93mm forefoot width but seems to be wider than that by a little. It is the only boot in this width range that comes in a 100 flex. The Nordica Doberman WC 100 (95mm) is another option and may be a little easier to find.


Don't worry too much about forefoot width. Both of these models can easily be stretched enough to accommodate your foot in the key forefoot areas. This is a better approach than trying to get a wider boot then making it narrower where it needs to be.



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