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Weak Binding Brake Spring

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I have a pair of 2007 Rossi B3's with Axial 100 demo bindings. The spring on one of the brakes seems to have lost its ... spring. It's not completely shot, still has some resistance, but if I lay the ski flat it will compress down to the floor...




Any DIY options to fix this up, or should I take it into a shop?

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I'd find the cheapest pair of beater skis on eBay, Craigslist or a local swap with an Axial/Pivot binding and cannibalize.


Or else buy a pair of brakes here.....




for 25 bucks.

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Those look like the 100mm brakes.  Many bears (including myself) have 80mm versions of that brake laying around since they've been replaced by wider brakes.  You probably can coax the 80mm version to work.  I'll dig a pair out and see if they work on my Rossi S4s (which have a 84mm waist.)  If they do you can post an ad in the WTB section and see who makes the best offer.

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Hmmm, that page is confusing - the image is the 100mm brake, but the ordering dropdown says 80mm. Maybe worth checking with Al's before ordering.


I had to tweak my standard brakes a bit to get them to drop cleanly on 78mm TroubleMakers, so I'd say they're a pretty tight 80mm.

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There's a place in Frisco, CO called "Recycled Sports". Consignment shop for used gear, ski graveyard/permanent swap meet. Racks and racks of old skis. Fun place to wander through. I suspect they have some Axials not only on older used skis but maybe in a box in the back as well. Gonna check there, and then post WTB as suggested if need be. Haven't had any issues with the binding itself - checked it out last night  - seems solid. Just the brake spring that's going south.


Thx for the suggestions!

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I drug out a few pair of Axial 80mm brakes & they are not all created equal.  Some are a good 5mm wider.....they probably made them wider towards the end of the run.  The wider pair easily fits on my S4s with a 84mm waist.  If you can't find anything locally let me know & I'll sell them to you dirt cheap.

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The B3's I have are 83mm underfoot, so the wider pair sounds like the right fit. I will PM you if I can't find a local solution.



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