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Volkl Grizzly PowerSwitch Skis 08-09

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Going to check out some Grizzly's in the next few days the guys is selling them for 250. Just seeing what you guys think about that price and the ski in general. I ski exclusively in Vermont at Sugarbush, MRG, and Jay. I am an advanced skier I have a pair of K2 Recons that rip the eastern ice but are not great for any other conditions. I am trying to get a ski for eastern powder conditions and some off piste woods. You think the Grizzly's will be an upgrade for these conditions?

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Hi - Surprised you find your Recons to rip ice but not good on anything else; most folks see them almost the opposite way. Anyway, Grizzlies are probably about as far from Recons as it's possible to get. Different feel, different forgiveness, different flex pattern, different weight, you get the idea. Think AC50's on steroids: Very beefy, very unforgiving for lighter skiers, very focused on carving/blasting hardpack, stiff crud and chop. Lively and stiff, not damp and moderate. In no way, shape or form the kind of ski I'd want to end up with in trees. Or powder.


So equally hard for me to believe anyone who likes a Recon would also like a Grizzly, but...th_dunno-1[1].gif Anyway, IMO not an upgrade for trees, soft snow, and bumps. Worse by far...YMMV. 

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To find out if the Grizzly is the right ski for you, just assign 1 point for each of the following questions you answered 'Yes' ,then add up your score.


-- I weigh over 200 pounds.


-- I like to ski at truly high speeds--like all the time.


-- I can do squats with a Ford F350.


-- Shorts turns are not on my menu.


If you scored at least 2 points, the Grizzly is worth considering. If not, you are just wasting money on a ski you won't/can't use. Seriously.



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I really want a pair of these in the 184 length.  Only have skied them a few runs, but at $250 I would have pulled the trigger immediatly.  I am around 200 lbs.  I have never heard of the K2 Recons  so can't give a rec.

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I demo'd the Grizzlys in a 170 for about 5 runs off a demo truck last winter at a 700 foot hill in western NY. I actually liked them and had fun on them. I am 5'9" and 195 lbs and a level 8/9 skier. I thought they were quite versatile in turn shapes and had no problem going edge to edge. You actually do feel a subtle difference with the Powerswitch, kind of like the old Marker 123 Binding.

If the skis are in good shape they are a steal at $250. They retailed for $1500 with a street price of $1300 and end of season clearance of $800.

Rick G
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I tested the Grizzlies in spring 2009 on groomed slopes only (GS tracks) and they took my breath away, literaly. Wonderful control, great sens of security at high speeds. In fact, the faster they go, the better they perform. But make sure you have your helmet on and good insurance coverage.

However, you have to be in good shape to take the most out of them and preferably avoid crowded slopes.

To put it in a nut shell - adrenalin machines, but too tiring for me to play with all day. In any case 250 is a X-mas present :) .

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