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Driving to Brian Head Resort from Cedar City: advice on driving in the snow

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     I'm from Hawaii and picked up this passion for skiing after trying it out for the first time in March of this year.  I'm planning on bringing the family to Brian Head Resort in December to take some lessons and hopefully progress outta beginner mode...all these wedge turns doesn't really get my heart pumpingcool.gif.

     As you can imagine, being from Hawaii, I'm a total noob when it comes to driving in the snow.  I've been checking out the UDOT webcams for road conditions along SR143 leading to BH.  My question is:  If the SR143 is totally covered with snow but I'm able to see faint tire tracks in the snow, would it be prudent to continue driving towards BH?  I'm planning on renting a van and purchasing some snow cables for the front wheels.


    In closing, I'd just like to thank all of the contributors to this site.  You've been immensely helpful to me in proper techniques, resort & gear selection.  I also find it very refreshing to find a forum where ppl are not flaming each other every other post.





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I don't know about how the UDOT takes care of roads, but state highways are usually kept in good condition.  If the road is covered with snow and all you can see is some faint tire tracks, then you are in the middle a storm.  Conditions can vary all over the place, so you have to take them into consideration with each trip.  Be aware of any traveler advisories and heed them.  Your family is more important than a day of skiing, contrary to what some on this board might claim.


A van with chains will be fine for nearly all conditions, so you should be covered there.


As for driving in snow, the best advice is to give yourself lots of room between you and the car in front and drive like you have an egg under your foot that you don't want to break.  Your stopping time will be greatly increased over pavement, so you need to be careful not to get too close to the person in front of you.  Friction between the tire and the road is reduced so any movements of the wheel or applications of the accelerator or the brake should be gentle.  If you are trying to get going and your wheels spin, LET OFF OF THE GAS.  Doing something that doesn't work with more intensity makes it work even less.  Gentle, gentle, gentle.  Think much farther ahead than you usually do and plan your actions.  If you have experience driving on loose gravel roads, it's a bit like that.


If you don't have ABS brakes never slam them on.  You'll just slide out of control.  If you do begin to slide, let off of the brakes and the car will regain steering control.  If you have ABS then you can use the brakes fairly normally and the computer will take care of you.


Now that I've scared the hell out of you, just relax.  Do everything slowly, plan ahead, and be patient.  Everything will be just fine.  When people like me go blasting by, ignore them.  If they don't like it, tough.

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My wife and I have gone to Brian Head several times in varying conditions. They are good about keeping their roads cleared. Smart ,common sense driving like the post above said will help you. Just hope the person ahead of you uses it also. There are a couple of wicked turns to look out for. Look ahead on an online map or smart phone to be ready. Side with caution and you will be fine. Brian Head isi one of our favorites, one reason being the easy drive.


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Thank you Posaune & Canemecek.  I feel much better now armed with all this good advice.  Yes, the pic referring to "faint tire tracks" was taken during a recent snowfall near Brian Head.  I'll be using a gps and keeping an eye out for those switchbacks.  I'm all stoked and ready to go now!...biggrin.gif  Thanks again for all the help and as we say here in the fire department..."Aloha, and be safe!"

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We went to Brian Head a few years ago and rented a 4WD and boy was I glad I had it.  It snowed the entire time we were there and though I think I could have gotten by on the roads OK without 4WD (they were maintained pretty well), I couldn't have gotten into or around the parking lot of the Condo we rented without it.

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