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East Coast Beginner Setup (male and female)

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Hi everyone


Two beginners here.  Me and my wife.  We decided to take the plunge and buy some skis.  Ran into some conflicting recommendations and was hoping you could help us sort it all out.


Who we are: We are beginner skiers.  Both athletic, pick things up quick, and have skied before... but really, we are green and blue limited right now. I am 5'11 160lbs, she is 5'2 130lbs.


Where we will ski: We live on the east coast and will do almost all of our skiing here the next few years.  Mainly at Whiteface in the Adirondack mountains... nicknamed "iceface" for a reason.


What we will ski: We are casual skiers, don't see us ever getting too aggressive or into racing or anything like that. But I suppose you never know. At least for this season and probably next, we are talking inbounds resort skiing.


So the question is, what sort of ski setup would you recommend for us?


A trusted source recommend we purchase a ski that we want to grow into.


With that in mind, I had several skis picked out after a week of online research and review reading.  For example, I thought the Line Prophet Flite might be a good, mid-priced option for me.  Couldn't find similar for her, but read good things about the Volkl Kenja.


We were looking to pay a grand or so on each setup and get something we could grow into and use for years to come.


However, when we went to a local shop, we were all but talked out of that strategy.  I am hoping you guys can break the tie, so to speak, and provide us with some good recommendations or direction.


The shop guy, who seemed very knowledgeable, suggested we forgo expensive skis until our skill progressed a little more.  He suggested we stick to a lower end package deal and after a few seasons then look into skis on par with the Flite and Kenja.


The particular ski packages that were being recommended to us include items I had not come across in my research, and am unable to find much information on.


For me:  Atomic Storm ski 164, Dalbello Aerro 57

For her: Salomon Amber 151, Salomon Irony


I guess my question for everyone is two part.


One, which strategy do you thin is best?  Buy the gear you want to progress into, or buy the gear you can more easily learn on?


And two, given your answer, which setup would you recommend we check out?

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Get a season long rental at a ski shop . I know Alpine Shop in South Burlington Vt. does this, you get the whole package, boots, skis, poles. You can get ( ask for ) a higher performance package than the basic rental. I believe you would be around $250 each, not exactly certain on that.I know basic adult package is $199. Improve your skiing so you don't have to grow into gear but can then get gear appropriate for your ability once you have a better feel for it. It might be as soon as the end of the season and you can get some great deals then. I'm sure this must be something like that available in the Lake Placid area.Take the money you save and put it into skiing , as much and in as different conditions you can find, take some lessons to speed up the process.

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My reccomenation would be for your to go to a good boot fitter and concentrate on boots first! Once you have found a good fiiting boot and have it fitted properly to your foot, then take the left over money an buy the best ski for what you want for that amount.

It can not be stated often enough. When you are learning to ski, boots are more important than your skis! If you do not have a good fitting boot, no matter what ski you buy, it will not perform as you expect it too.

Now after you get your boots, based on your current ability, I would reccomend a good intermediate ski that will encourage you to learn and grow as a skier. An expert level ski at this point could do more harm than good. A couple of examples would be the Volkl AC20, Blizzard IQ Mag 7.4, Rossi Avenger Carbon 7.6 for you, the Volkl Ocean, Nordica Drive or Blizzard Viva 7.6 for your wife.

Or you can rent skis this season. You tend to get better skis at resorts when you bring boots and rent only skis. Then buy a better ski next year once you have acuired some solid skills.

Good Luck,

Rick G
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