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Smith Goggles with a fan

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I'm looking for the new generation Smith goggle with a fan. The one that has a battery pack on the strap and the fan centered.

I had a Uvex model years ago with the batteries in the goggle frame that made the frame so heavy it didn't want to stay in place.

I had a (I think) Smith prior to that that also had the batteries in the frame and the fan on one side so it only blew on one of my glasses lenses. Had to ski with one eye closed.

Friends who have the later Smith with the batteries on the strap and the fan centered say it works fine for keeping glasses clear.

I know the Smiths are $190 in stores. Trying to get a better price.
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Check out Sierra Trading Post www.sierratradingpost.com and search for "Smith Goggles." I got a new pair of Smith V3 TurboCAMs on e-bay for about $90 with shipping. Good luck with your search.

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Thanks, Prosper. Do you wear glasses, and does that model fit over your glasses comfortably?
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I do wear glasses, but when I ski I wear contacts. However, as I sit here and type I have the goggles on over my glasses and so far they feel fine. I have pretty small glasses. If you have large frames you may need larger goggles. Go to Smith's website www.smithsport.com to find out which models are eyeglass compatible. By the way, I haven't used them yet so I can't comment on how well keep the fog away. From the previous posts here it sounds like they work really well. Hopefully I have the same experience.
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I've placed the order, Prosper. Thanks, again, for the tip about Sierra.

My glasses aren't small, but they're not as large as the older ones. I've been using Uvex Panarama goggles for years and years. They cover current glasses and used to cover the larger ones.

Friends who use the newer Smiths report they work fine for keeping the glasses clear.
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just this year, i switched from bolle' w/insert to the smith trubo c.a.m. w/insert. the position of the bolle' insert was too close to my face and always fogged. the insert in the smith turbo c.a.m. sits a good distance from my face and seldom do i experience fog, but when fog appears, on goes the fan. hope your experience w/the smith trubo c.a.m. is as positive as mine. i only wish smith would offer more lenses than the g.l. 55 tho.
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So Sierra sends me the Smith Turbo goggles I ordered. They put the store-shelf box with the goggles inside in a cardboard box which had interior dimensions the same as the OD of the display box. The lens is in five or six pieces. Sierra has no more. They SAY they'll make a refund of my $100 + credit card charge after they get the box back with the return label they're going to mail me. I'll be happy to get the refund and I guess I'm glad to learn the Smith lens isn't very durable. Pretty sad for a goggle that has a MSRP approaching $200.
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I also wanted the Smith goggles with a fan, but refuse to pay $200 for them. So- out came my old goggles, a computer CPU fan, some epoxy, and a 9V battery. Mix together, and presto: Goggles with a fan for about five bucks.

Be prepared, of course, to answer questions from the intrigued as to "what IS that thing on your goggles?"

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