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Need advice on all-mountain skis

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Looking for advice on all-mountain skis.  I had the pleasure of skiing on Volkl AC-30 and AC-50s rentals  at Vail last January.  Early season conditions, but the back bowls had some tasty sections that most people chose to avoid.  Ricky's was absolutely fantastic despite relatively low snow cover.  I loved the way the skis tore through crud and handled the groomers.  Also skied AC50s later in the season at my home base, Mt. Baker, on fresh steep powder.  Loved 'em.  Should I buy AC50s?  What else is equivalent?  How about the next step up in terms of powder-handling, while retaining some crud/hardpack ability?  Volkl Grizzly?  Most importantly, how should I choose sizes for these.  I'm 5'10", 165 lb.  "First chair, ski hard, eat lunch on the chairlift, and pee in the woods" pretty much describes my on-snow mentality.  Any and all terrain welcome.  Thanks!!!!!!!!  Never did one of these forums before.

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I'm surprised you liked the AC50's on powder and soft snow as much as you did (it's a hardpack oriented ski, or at least from what I've heard).  I would imagine the Grizzlies would be better on the type of conditions you ski on, given that it's a little more of a 50/50 ski.  And the powerswitch is a nice addition also.  As far as size goes, I would say something around a 170, especially if you're doing powder a lot.  If you're constantly on powder, maybe even something around a 175 (I know the Volkl's don't come in these lengths, just a ballpark size).

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Here is a whole list of alternatives with thumbnail reviews for you to consider.





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Thanks Jim.  Lots of great info.  The exchanges on the AC50 were quite interesting and led me to believe that, at my size (5'10", 165), there might be better options.  In fact, I found the AC30s easier to turn, but the A50s plowed through the crud better.  I'll give some of the other brands a shot.

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Thanks, EastSkier.  My previous skis were K2 Axis XP 188 cm, so the switch to a much shorter and bigger sidecut ski like the Volkls was hugely enjoyable.  As you suggest, there are even better experiences awaiting me on other ski brands.  Looking forward to demo-ing several of them at Vail in early January.

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