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Salomon Scramblers

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Looking for some insight into the Salomon Scrambler 6 SC (color is Purple).

I have read good things re: Salomon Scrambler 8 and of course the ever-popular Scrambler Hot, but can't find specific info on the "6".

My best guess is the Scrambler 6 is the model that pre-ceeded the Scrambler 8.

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Scrambler 8 was aimed at level 6/7 skiers.  Scrambler 6 was a lower performance model than the 8.

Both models date back to about 2005.


I tested some of Salomon's crop back then.  I remember testing some Scrambler 8s at Blue Mountain Collingwood.  I did not find anything favourable to say about them on the hard snow conditions that prevailed at blue mountain.  I recall the "streetracer" 10 received better reviews (not the lower numbers though).  In my opinion the streetracers were better, but not better enough; maybe the reviewers had softer snow.  Skis from that time that I liked were the Equipe SC 10.  If I recall correctly the Scream 10 Pilot Hots were given good reviews by folks that were both on and off piste. 

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