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Stuck between boot sizes... Help please! (Expert Skier)

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I'm having a HELL of a time finding the right boot. I'm stuck right in between a 26 (305ish) and 27 (315ish) shell size in most manufacturers boots. I've tried some new Nordicas (too wide), Lange Blaster Pros (too wide) and the Salomon Ghost. The Ghost fit very well in a 27 with no pressure points, the toe box felt amazing and my heel felt like it was nicely cupped. I also love the two buckle design and the lacing system. The only problem is the length, I feel like I'm in between a 26 and 27 shell in the ghost. The 26.5 has around 9mm behind my heel in a shell fit and the 27 has 25 maybe a bit more.    


I'm an expert skier with lifelong boot fitting issues. I'm a ski instructor and patroler from eastern Canada. I have a 99mm forefoot and 272mm foot length (right) 270 (left). North American shoe size I'm a 10.5 mens. My heel width is about 55mm. I'd say I have a slightly below average width foot. I'm 5 foot 9.5 inches about 170 pounds. Since I started training kick boxing 6 months ago my feet feel flatter but more muscular. 


For the last 9 years I've been using Superfeet 1 piece cork custom molded foot beds. I'm looking to replace those as well. 


My last three boots were Head Cybers, then Langes and finally Nordica Speed Machine 8s.. The Head Cybers were a 27 and after the liner packed out they were much too large on all sides. I didn't purchase them from an experienced boot fitter... my first mistake. The Langes had a similar issue where the liner packed out and I felt too much movement. My Nordica speedmachine 8s are the opposite problem. I bought a 26.5 on the assumption that they would pack out. I've been using them for two and a half seasons but I can't take it anymore. When I shell fit them I have around 8 mm behind my heel. They are too small and my feet freeze. Toe bang is brutal. The other problem is that somehow my footbed has melded itself to the boot liner. I've pulled VERY hard and the only way to remove the cork superfeet would be to destroy the liner.


All that being said, can you recommend some boots with a comparable fit to the Salomon Ghost? 


I would love to try out the Salomon Shogun boots because it has the 100 flex that I desire and a different liner than the Ghost but I don't think that boot is sold in Canada. Tommy and Lefebvre in Ottawa don't have it and neither do the Salomon dealers in Tremblant. I can get them for $350 online but then I have to pay shipping if they don't fit.


I just got the name of a CSIA level 4 professional boot fitter that I am going to visit soon. Hopefully he has some suggestions.

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On the Salomon Mondo sizer I'm between a 27 and 27.5.

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a 10.5 is typically a solid 27 and you measure 27.  Seems correct to me.  You say your foot is 99mm which definitely makes it an easy fit in anybodys 98mm boot and you should have a choice of at least three models from every manufacturer.  Can't see any reason why you'd need to be in something as large as a Cyber.  Have you been shopping boot fitting shops or simply trying on all boots for comfort?



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The cyber was over ten years ago. I shouldn't have brought it up. In any case I have been talking to boot fitters. Almost every 27 I try feels to big.


Are there any "small fitting" 27s? Or Large fitting 26s?

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26 shell, with 9mm sounds doable to me


I'd look for a very narrow 27 (race/plug boot) or a med/narrow (98mm) in a 26.  


Some that might work for the 26 are the salomon impact, (seems to fit the 1/2 size larger then the 98mm ghost)  I use a 8.5 shoe, 25 boot in most and a 24 in the impact.  Or look for the fulltilts.   301mm or 310mm might work for you.


if you are coming out west, see Lou IN calgary or me in banff

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Working where you do you should have access, maybe special order but still access to 95mm boots in addition to recommendations from Dave.  Have you tried any?  Every company will have them in their 130 flex boots and stiffer.



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I just reread your post.  100 flex at your weight and working as an instructor seems light to me.  Agree that 26.5 Speedmachine for a 10.5 foot is very tight but what work if any has been done to lengthen them?



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Re: Lou


I don't instruct anymore and I'm taking my first season off from Patrol. My intention this winter is to ski for me. I've had the Speedmachine 8 pushed out around my left ankle a bit. I haven't bothered expanding the toe because the liners are a huge part of the problem. The liner is so tight it's actually painful to wear while it's not even in the boot. When I bought these boots I assumed they would pack out like every other boot I've owned but it hasn't happened.


I like most boots from a 100 to 115 flex. I want to start riding park this winter too so I figured a softer flex was in order.


I did a shell fit on the Speedmachine 8 last night and it's almost laughable how tight it is on all sides.


Re: MntLion


Thanks for the suggestion on the Salomon Impacts. I'm going to try them in a 26.5 today. I'm going to three different boot shops after work.


I tried the Salomon SPK Kreation yesterday in a 26.5 and it has a 308mm shell. The length was almost perfect but the toe-box was a little wide. I think it has a 102 to 104 forefoot. It's also a pure park boot with a shitty liner but the fit was surprisingly good.


Good news:


I found a Salomon Shogun in a 26.5 in Barrie Ontario at a store I used to work at. They are shipping it to a local store for me. Hopefully it's "the one". I haven't tried the ghost in a 26.5 because there aren't any available locally. I can't find a Shogun in a 27 anywhere.

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you can heat and stretch liners ALOT too.   if the shell works, the liner should too (or look for an intuition liner, they just about always work)

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I have to say the process you are going through seems distorted to me.  You measure a 27, size 10.5 is a 27 and yet you keep trying 26.    If 27 feels to big then your foot is most probably narrow and you should be searching for narrower, not shorter boots.


I won't say liners should be tight when worn out of the boot, but they are.  that is why we do shell fits, not liner fits.  I never have any customer try on a liner.  Ever.


Personally if you can't find a good boot fitter where you live I'd say get on the road and drive.  I don't see the process you are gong through working for you.



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Re: Lou


Just saw a reputable boot fitter in my area over the lunch hour. He deals primarily in Technica and a few Dalbellos. He agreed with your assessment that I would need a 27 shell boot with a 98mm forefoot last. On the Technica mondo sizer I am also clearly a 27. I tried a couple Technicas before trying the best boot I've ever put on my foot: Technica Agent 120. The Agent 120s are a 27 but they definitely fit a little small. I shell fit to 12mm behind my heal. I love the liner. They feel excellent in the toe box and the heel has little to no movement. No pressure points. Honestly, I almost bought them on the spot because he only has one pair left. The Agent 120s have a single size liner for the 27 and 27.5, the only difference is the footbed. I noticed the footbed had a bit of space behind it in the liner which I found a little odd. The biggest issue is they cost a ridiculous $700!


The liner fit issue on my Nordica 26.5s was just my own observation, no professional boot fitter was involved.

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WOW! Dalbello Krypton Il Moro T!


Thank you Tanner Hall! Lightest, best fitting, perfectly sized boot I've ever tried on. It fits like I dreamed a ski boot could. The dual wrapping cuff system is the greatest idea in ski boots in 20 years! Every single boot should have that system instead of a traditional "tongue". These boots weigh half as much as my Nordicas. They are going to cost me $700 if I decide to buy them but I almost feel like I would be a fool to buy anything else. Yes they are horrible looking and the chain on the back is the stupidest thing in the world but who cares! They fit like a firm handshake while being as comfortable as slippers.


I bought the Il Moro T. The Intuition liners feel amazing.

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