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All mountain ski for the wife...

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My wife has been skiing for 15 seasons and I would rate her a 7-10 all mountain skier.  She does above average in the bumps and steeps.  She LOVE's to ski the trees and it light powder which usually is chopped powder.  Think Vail back bowls or Mount Hood Meadows Heather Canyon.


She is 105lbs and 5 ft 3"  She doesnt like speed so a super stiff ski isnt going to do much for here.  She always kind of got her mom's hand-me-down ski's so she's never had anything nice or that was fitted for her weight.


I'm trying to get pointed in the right direct and see if we can demo a few pairs and get her into something she feels comfortable in.


Thanks in advance.


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also keep in mind, we mainly ski in the PNW...and usually 1-2 times a year we make it to utah.


The Short List


Fischer koa 84 or 78
Nordica conquer
Dynastar eden
K2 lotta luv
Dynastar exclusive legend
K2 one luv
Fischer watea 84
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bump these are on the short list


fischer koa 84 or 78
nordica conquer
dynastar eden
k2 lotta luv
dynastar exclusive legend
k2 one luv
fischer watea 84
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I'm going to suggest this, there are bunches of wonderful skis to demo, please make sure her boots have been properly fitted by an experienced bootfitter first. If they haven't or she doesn't have her own boots then start there first. They are the most important part of the equation and I am sure many will reply the same.  The Blizzard black Pearl and Crush come to mind also.  Good luck,   Dave

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Here is my experience on some of those skis FWIW:


The Fischer watea 78 is my every day ski for the conditions you describe. it is very versatile and an easy bumps, trees and steep ski. These skis are super light and playful and fun.They do well in  light powder and crud, not so much super deep powder; for that I bought the Atomic Century (yay!)


I found the Nordica Conquer a stable, precise groomer and crud ski when I tried it a couple of seasons ago, but not much fun in the bumps. I thought the exclusive legend was soft and boring. I generally do not like the K2 line of women's skis.


But this is only my opinion. Skis can have really different personalities and what suits one woman may not suit the other. So if you can avoid the temptation to pick her skis for her and let her demo for herself, that would for sure be the way to go IMHO.


Black Pearl gets a lot of raves here, although some of those folks sell them too, and the crush is a bit more of a soft snow specialist from what I read. I have not tried it but have seen some really rippin' women on them. Lots of women really like the Volkl Aura and Aurora skis, so she might give them a go.


She could also join theskidiva.com forum and ask over there.



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