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I started skiing last year, and came equipped with a puffy timberland jacket and all heavy clothes. This all heavily limited my dexterity and ability to move, so I know i'm going to need to get the right gear for this year. I stumbled on these jackets on ebay:



real or fake? Seller has 100% positive feedback. I like the spyder gear the most, but I'm on a budget too. Thanks in advance for the helpful posts!

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The seller might be 100% ok but the product is 0% genuine.

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Chinese characters...."Royal Mail"?


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gah thats too bad. I was hoping to get some good gear without breaking the bank. Anyway, thanks for the heads up. Anybody know of an established retailer that will sell this stuff at the cheapest price?

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There are a number of retailers that sell overstock and past season legit stuff  at significant discount. But you might want to consider other brands as well.

rei outlet

backcountry outlet


you can also check backcountry's deal-at-a-time sites  and


And locally you might get lucky at discount stores like marshalls/TJmaxx.


But instead of asking what jacket is best for you consider using the search function where the merits of various things like softshell vs hardshell, insulated vs shell, and the importance of breathability.

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How did you go with the gear?  Was it any good?

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Try this place.  Sale going on now.  I like it quite a bit.


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Thanks for the tip. They had some great specials but don't ship to Australia

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