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Room availability SLC and Teton Village/Jackson in January

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Hello good people. I've been lurking around these forums for some years now, but now that I'm travelling to the States to (hopefully) experience American powder, I turn to you for advice.


A friend and myself, both hailing from Norway, are arriving in SLC in the beginning of January. We are planning to ski a selection of resorts around SLC and spend some days skiing at JHMR. As we have done thorough research everything is pretty much dialed in, however we can't decide where to go first. Ideally, this would be decided just a couple of days before arriving according the where the conditions are better, but deciding this late might become unnecessarily expensive or even mean that we can't get anywhere to stay.


Having googled around and searched several forums I can't find any good advice on the internet, so I was wondering if anyone here feel like sharing their experience regarding the general room availability in Teton Village or SLC in mid January? Should we decide and book now playing it safe (the conditions will probably be similar?) or is the risk of late booking too big? We are planning to stay at Hostel X in Teton Village and some Motel 6 in downtown SLC, and will have a 4x4 rental car.


Reading various reports about the early season conditions, it seems like we chose a good year for our first UT/WY trip..! We're counting the days until departure.


We will be very thankful for any help, thanks!


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There is no reason to book in advance at either place.  Bring a computer or smart phone and just use priceline in SLC when you arrive.

You'll save at least 30% and stay in a nicer property.


Use betterbidding to see what rooms are going for, to help you bid  .http://www.betterbidding.com/index.php?showforum=147



Hostel X is an institution and may fill up.  But Jackson is more of a summer resort and there are ton's of other places. I have never used Priceline in Jackson, it's usually better a bigger corporate chain hotels.  But I've used the bank of phones at the airport at 10pm and found places in the village for $100/night and you can always find ones in town for a even less.


It appears Priceline availability in Jackson is limited,  Snake River Inn and the Lodge at Grand Targhee are both in the pool.

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Although I've skied Jackson twice, I can't really help you with lodging there.  But in SLC you don't need to worry about a room, there are always plenty, just look at the prices on Orbitz.  I would stay somewhere you can get breakfast, I stay at Midvale La Quinta, $59 in that Orbitz search, but the Super 8 is almost new and has breakfast for $44, probably much nicer than Motel 6, Motel 6 Midvale is dumpy.  If you follow Shredheads advice you are likely to save a few dollars more, but stay somewhere where you can fill-up in the morning with breakfast included. Not fancy, but pancakes, yogurt, bagels etc.  It does the job for me.  Buy your lift tickets at your hotel, or at a ski shop, each day before you ski.  Depending on your flight maximize your skiing time by skiing day of arrival or departure in SLC, Snowbird is closest at 45 minutes from the airport.  Read my wiki below.


You chance of powder during a weeks stay is probably about 65/35 or so in SLC.  Tony Crocker is our US resort snowfall guru and somewhere he gives your the chance of powder during a weeks stay but I can't find that web page or forum message I once saw.  I give it as 25% for my 4 day stays in SLC.  There can be period of a week or even two when it doesn't snow at all, but it is not uncommon to get two storms in a week in SLC.  Jackson Hole is a little less. 


You are really setting up a dream vacation doing both SLC and Jackson in the same week, that's exactly the right plan, look no further.  Consider a day at Targhee if there is new snow in Jackson, it'll take you at least 2 days to ski the Jackson Hole resort.  Ski Snowbird, Alta, and Snowbasin, the best US resort you've never heard of, then either Park CIty or Solitude as your 4th SLC choice. 

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