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Ski pant advice

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So, I'm in the market for some new hardshell pants. Budget around 400-450 USD. Fit should not be baggy at all. Other requirements are the usual: waterproof, as breathable as possible, reinforced cuffs, some zippers for extra venting (don't have to be full length). Quality is most important.


I had my eyes set on the Arc'teryx Sidewinder SV, until I read a very negative review of it over here ( http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/92200/arcteryx-sidewinder-sv-pant ). The Stingray lacks the protection against edges, which I really tend to need.

I also looked at Westcomb, but since they barely have any (no?) dealers outside Canada, I'm a bit worried about warranty, especially since I live in Europe. The wife vetoed Norrona Lofoten pants, something about colors.. The black one would be ok, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.


Any other suggestions?

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I have no idea about what is being sold in Europe, but your budgeted amount of money will buy almost anything in the USA.  I've had great success with The North Face.  TNF products are strong, very well made and last a long time. Beware of cheap TNF knock-offs sold on-line.   Ditto for Patagonia...top quality.

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I've been using Patagonia Primo pants for years.  They still look like new after probably 300-some days in them.

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Can't give you recommendations of specific pants since I like mine a bit baggy, but can tell you to absolutely not spend $400 on a pair of ski pants!  Pants take lots of abuse and will be damaged at some point by an edge, branch, etc.  $400 pants are not going to be that significantly different than $150-$200 pants so don't throw your money away on more expensive pants.  You can't go wrong with a pair made of Gore Tex Pro Shell or a similar waterproof breathable material.  Very tough stuff and keeps all moisture out!


If you are truly fussy about the fit you are going to have to go to a large outdoor store or ski shop and try pants on to get the fit you like.


Good luck on your search!



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I also prefer a baggier snowboard pant that offers great range of motion and freedom of movement than ski pants do.  The only advantage I can find with some ski pants is the reinforced inseam in the lower leg to protect against boot/ski-edge wear, but I'd much rather go through 3 pair of $80-120 snowboard pants over several years than one pair of $300 ski pants.

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