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Prescription sunglasses for skiing

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I was wondering if anyone knew of some good wrap around prescription sunglasses. I have had difficulty in finding some good ones. Any recommendations and advice is welcome.


Thank you!

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ADS Eyewear is great.


I bought the 7 Eyes and love them.




they will send you a generic set for try on and then if you like them then send you your perscription. Great service. I really like them.


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I just purchased a pair of non-prescription 7-eye whirlwind. I had the luxury of trying on various pairs, as I am near a retailer.


Airdam series come with foam cups that can be clipped into the glasses to form somewhat of a seal. Depending on your facial structure, the seal probably won't be as good as a pair of goggles, but they should be fine in keeping all wind out and unless you are skiing in a snowstorm, most debris or precipitation. I wore them out cycling in a bit of rain and it does keep the wind and debris out of your eyes as advertised. I don't know how they will handle insane speeds but they will be much better than regular sunglasses in keeping wind out. It's like night and day in that regards. 


The one thing I would be careful about is making the right selection. Some of the models I found to have very poor peripheral vision when the foam cups are clipped in--much worse than any narrow goggles I hare tried. I settled on the Whirlwind as it had the most peripheral. I tried the Charduda and Cape and it was like I had horse blinders on.


I settled on the bronze tint photocrhomic. It's probably not going to be enough on real sunny days but those are few and far between where I normally ski. You should also consider this. If you ski a lot in bright conditions, you might opt for the regular tints instead of photochromic.


The only negatives I have discovered so far is that they look kind of dorky with the foam inserts clipped in. If that kind of thing concerns you, that's something to consider. You probably are not going to be a chick magnet with them on, but the inserts can be removed and they look mostly like a regular pair of sunglasses, 

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Thank you for your replies. I live in the UK. Is there anyone who does this service here?

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