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The First "Double Decker" Forerunner of Atomic D2

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Attached is foto of the first so called "Double Decker ski.

It was produced by Clement Ski in 3 Rivers Quebec in the 1950s.

It was laminated wood  with a wooden ridge attached by aluminum straps

front and aft and an aluminum girdle under the boot area.

The  skier shown is Ernie McCulloch who was a top racer of the era.

The ski had 2 versions in various lengths. One version had a single groove

flat bottom, the other version was "hollowground", that is the bottom was concave from edge to edge.

The latter version was used by McCulloch. I skied on the flat bottom version and can 

only imagine what the hollowground one skied like.

Must have been fun!sm_McCulloch_Ernie%2079-22_p61.jpg

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Nice picture. The ladies must have swooned!   I have the flat bottom ski. The little aluminum straps have square drive screws but the straps are original. The girdle is very shiny and cannot be original. It also has square drive screws. If they copied  the original girdle, the sharpness and squareness just does not look right.Clements 2 part ski 001.JPGClements 2 part ski 005.JPGClements 2 part ski 004.JPG

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Does the top deck float like it does on the D2 ski? I don't think I see any wear that would indicate that it does.

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By Golly, a pic of the Clement that shows more of the construction, Remember well the square drive screws used in the straps and the girdle.

At that time we all (Most) used a toe iron and long thongs for bindings,with absolutely no release. 

The only other foto I have of the ski is of myself and a teammate at International Collegiate races at Banff in 1952..

Our team from the University of Portland (OR) had a first place in GS and I got a fourth in the race. 

Both skied on Clements. Same year I won Canadian Dominion SL Championships on Clements.

I can say it was a really good ski for the time.

I might add that from all signs Ernie was indeed popular with the ladies.

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The top ridge was indeed a separate piece of wood. I have no idea what woods were  used in construction

but we joked that there is a lot of Maple in east Canada. Clement also made wooden propellers for light planes.

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Are you saying the square drive screws are original? I know they have been around a while but come to think of it, the Robertson drive was invented by a Canadian in somewhere around 1910. That might make sense on the Canadian ski. The Robertson has slightly tapered sides and the American square drive has parallel sides.....I think.  On the tip decal it says: Ski Securite Canada, Slalom Downhill Saut, Clement Ski. 12 inches down it is branded: Clement Professional. On the underside of the tip it is branded: Ski Securite, Dessin Enregistre Canada-1940, Clement Manufacture 3-R PAT U.S.A. 1941,Canada 1942, Pat. Pending Norway. It does not say anywhere but I am pretty sure they are maple. The camber on both skis are even and very good. The top piece moves freely when I flex the ski. I am planning on refurbishing them some time and I was wondering what the clear finish would be. Plain old varnish? The top piece is a two tone burgundy and black solid paint. They must have been sharp looking when they were new.

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If you are ever thinking about selling them in the future, the first thing any antique dealer/historian will tell you is do not refinish them. Anything but their original finish will diminish their value.

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True enough, most of the time. I have heard that many times on 'Antiques Roadshow'. They also recommend restoration, by professionals, for missing pieces but you are right, the finish is not to be touched. These skis are not an investment and I still intend on doing a sensitive reconditioning. I am reconditioning a pair of The Ski that have been outdoors on a ski fence for 20 years. The main blue color has gone grey but it is slowly coming back. I am hoping to re-ink some of the graphics.  I will post pictures when I am done.

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