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Where did the big panels go?

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Was just watching some highlights from todays DH and literally the FIRST thing that I noticed was the GS panels on the gates in place of the massive DH panels. Did FIS outlaw/make it not mandatory to have DH panels on gates during a race? If so, is this to make DH more "mountain" friendly when it comes to hosting a race? Or was it to prevent the massive injuries that us DH's would incur from a poor gate block?

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Good observation.



World Cup Release Panels:


Due to safety and functional reasons gate panels used in World Cup, World Ski

Championships and Olympic Winter Games as from the season 2010/11, must fulfil the
following requirements:




The panel must release from the pole when athletes collide with the gate.


The panel must have the size of ca. 0.75 x 0.50 m (GS, SG, and DH). The panel area

must be between 0.375 and 0.3 m². 
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