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Longest runs in the USA

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What ski resorts in the USA have the longest runs?


I heard that CrestedButte in Colorado has long runs? or i may be mistaken.


For all experts out there, what is recommended?

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Older areas in the east have long runs. I'll start if off with the Wildcat trail at Wildcat Mountain in NH, top to bottom, every section a challenge and 2000 feet of vertical.  It was built by the CCC and is still a classic. You can follow that with Lynx, top to bottom, fall line all the way.


Across the road is one of the greats, from the summit of Mt. Washington to the highway is 4000 vertical. Technically not one trail, but running from the summit to the AMC via The Headwall or Hillman Higway and down the rambling Sherbourne Trail is what a day of skiing is all about. There is a little known trail from Gulf of Slides (to the west of the Headwall) that is a sweet classic 10 meter wide trail. Miles long and never a dull moment.

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Asking the experts for the longest run doesn't fit.  The longest runs are by definition less steep and are always beginner or intermediate runs. If you are asking what runs have the longest sustained steep pitch for experts that is a different story, but the runs will be not a resorts longest.You need to rephrase your question.

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What ski resorts in the USA have the longest runs?



For all experts out there, what is recommended?

I think resorts with top to bottom lifts like Snowbird, Jackson and Aspen have the longest runs.  Because you tend to ski the whole mountian at these resorts.

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Four O'Clock to Town at Breckenridge is 3.5 miles long

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Top of chair 2 to base via Honeysuckle & Rubezahl at Taos also about 3.5 miles (could be a bit longer if you went via lower Patton)

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In the east Stowe or Sugarloaf for a long consistent pitch. Only problem with the Loaf is it doesn't have one lift top to bottom anymore.

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