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Skis for pudgy guy

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So I'm looking for a pair of all mountain skis....


I'm 5'5 200 lbs ... not all fat...  I ski about 5-6 times a year for the last 5 years, I would say I'm an intermediate. 

I ski in southern California (mostly Bear and Mountain High....  but will take it to tahoe and mammoth)


These are actually my second pair of skis (cheap pair of k2s at 158cm), and so I have boots that were professionally fitted already. 


What length would you guys recommend?

I've always skied rentals from 156-160 cm .... but this is always due to the shop saying its based on height, but after reading this forum I'm thinking maybe they are too short?


 I would not call myself an aggressive skier at all so... Is the Blizzard Magnum 7.6 even a good choice?

If not please recommend something else.


Also I like to mess around and go on jumps so need skis that will let me do that as well.



Let me know if theres any other info you guys need... 


Thanks in advance!

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The Blizzard Mag 7.6 is a fine choice. Well reviewed by the press though I have not had the chance to demo yet. We sell a lot of them in our shop and the Ladies equivalent the Viva 7.6.

That ski shoud be just fine for all groomed conditions and the occasional run off piste or in Powder.

At 200 lbs I would reccomend moving up to the 165 or 170. Though your height will make a difference on how you balance on a ski, it is your weight that determines how you will flex a ski. At 200 lbs if you are pushing your self at all to be a better skier, you will be better served by a longer ski.

Btw, I am at 195lbs at 5'8" and ski a 170 for my all mountain ski. I find it to be a good compromise of manuverability vs stability in all conditions.

Rick G
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