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Oh my gosh!!! Today I tried them for the first time,and I think I finally found a perfect boot for myself.

At first I tried them at home,snug fit,tips of toes touching slightly the end of liner when standing upright.

My everyday shoe is size 11, the ski boots I chose is 27.5, 99mm last,real performance fit. For the first

time I experienced total control over my skis. After 1/2hr I tightened the buckles,went for mogul field,and

I was absolutely amazed how "one" I felt with my skis.My observation is as follows:


-most people buy boots that are too big

 and they tighten buckles to the max to make the boots hold feet

this is wrong.

-if boots feel comfortable,in the store do not buy them,you will jump out

of them when skiing

-always check shell fit for boot size,you will have to go at 1 to 1.5 smaller then

the Mondo size tell you.

-in the store when standing upright the tips of toes must touch end of liner,when leaning forward

they must not, during skiing the liner will adjust and your toes will no longer touch the liner end.


Happy skiing everybody