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Middle ski for quiver

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Ok, first off where i am at as a skiier.

Skiing about 8 years now after taking 15 year hiatus. 5'10" 220 lbs. on my recumbent bike now building up quickly for the season.  I live in Ontario and mainly ski blue mountain and others in area, with some trips to vermont, whiteface, quebec and whistler.  I am thinking of myself as an advanced skiier (groomer) and learning intermediate for off piste with limited expereince.

Groomers are not a problem at all and using a pair of Atomic D2VF73's.  Really like them.

I currently also have a pair of Atomic 11B5c's which were for everything else but not giving me the experience or confidence to start into more off piste and trees.  Hoping to get more big mountain experience, i bought a pair of Armada JJ's  with 4FRNT deadbolt 15's to assist me in starting into deeper stuff at larger mountains outside of ontario and heavy snowdays at Blue.

I am wanting a ski now to be a better gap between the distance and progress from my D2VF73 to the armada JJ's, something which can suit me more of an allround mid fatski in a 85 to 95 width. I hope that isnt too big of a gap to try and fill for one ski?  I do really want to transition to more deeper crud, off trail tree chutes than just groomers.  Maybe a trip or two this year for some powder experience as well for my JJ's. 


To Recap:  any suggestion for a midfat 85 to 95 to help me progress well into my JJ's and fill the middle gap, something for more groomed deeper crud, and non-groomed tree chutes and trail.  I hope that makes sense and i am sorry for the vague skiing terms.

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Well,my two cents would be it is probably a good strategy to go on your trips then demo some skis specific to the conditions you think you would want to get into. You will probably have better luck this way instead of trying to guess or take advice that might not work for you. You also might find that you don't like skiing the new conditions and you would be sitting on skis that you might never use that much.


On another note, what kind of recumbent do you have? I started riding recumbents ever since I broke my tailbone years ago. I just can't handle the wedgie seats for more than an hour without severe pain. I have a Bachetta Aero for club riding and an Easy Racer for touring.

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So limited here to demo days... that might be a bit of a problem.  I dont mind going through a pair of skiis here and there and let them go for a loss in search of the ski that will fit.  For example.... i am reading and thinking of something maybe like the 2011 volkl bridge? 

As for my recumbent bike, its a  Sports Art C52r.. i love it.  heart rate monitoring and up to this week of 45 minute rides 3 times per week.  I am being a bit more agressive this year to get more out of my skiing legs as here in ontario, not much legs needed on these hills, but when i did hit whiteface last year, i got my butt kicked (legs wise) and wont let that happen this year.  Hoping for a leMassiff trip this year and possibly a whistler........

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