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tecnica attiva mega canting adjuster confusion

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Hi, i just bought a pair of these boots, and the canting adjustment is not set the same on both. After wearing them around the house for a while it was evident that one boot was perfectly comfortable and the other caused pain on the outside edge of my foot. I have the instruction manual, but it simply gives a super vague image, which I just can't figure out... the boots came with an allan key, but there is no visible insert for it at the canting adjustment, it's more like a smooth cap with a open lip on one side. In the manual it looks almost like this is supposed to lifted to reveal the allen key insert, but i don't want to damage anything by poking around with a screwdriver. Is anyone familiar with this boot?

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small flat blade screwdriver will remove the cap, then the allen bolt is exposed, can't remember that one exactly but it is either  a remove the bolt and put it in another hole or slacken and it allows some cuff motion...either way don't be afraid to get the screwdriver in there

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cuff alignment can have some influence over certain fit issues in ski boots.


i am doubtful that the discomfort you are feeling is caused by the cuff alignment.


do you have a trained boot fitter close by?


my gut would be that you are jumping to step M or N, while ignoring steps A through L.


check the wiki's in this forum to see if there are some very basic aspects of sizing, boot shape, foot support, etc that may be the cause of your boot fit problem.



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I seem to have had the same problem with my old boots but it was less bad because they were WAY too big. I seem to walk and stand on the outer edges of my foot (only right foot) and it feels like the boots are fighting to straighten my foot/ankle and my foot is not happy about this. i also have some pressure on my inside ankle, so that's why I was thinking the canting might help this.

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look, there is an outside chance that your problem is cuff related, however, i think that you are giving way too much credit to that tiny little movement that the cuff adjustment can give.


especially when you believe that you will get relief on both the outside of the foot, and on your inside ankle bone with the same adjustment.


boot fitters specialize in fitting boots. there must be somewhere close to where you ski?



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Agree with Jim.  there are some things happening inside the boot and I'll say there is virtually no possibility that cuff alignment will solve the problem.



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