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I ruptured my left leg quadriceps tendon 2 wks ago (full/complete rupture) and had surgery 2 days later. 


I am getting used to the brave new world of recovery and rehab and will want to pick all of your brains for tips and insights going forward.


I have a very basic question to start with.  After my 1 wk post op check in, my orthopedic surgeon gave me the OK to go back to work (office work where I sit most of day in front of computer or am on phone). 


I struggled all week to get my Donjon brace to stay "put" on my leg. 


The brace is set at 0% flexibility.  This week I wore jeans to work and wore my brace on the outside of my jeans; the jeans were too narrow to get over the brace. No matter how tight I tried to make the velcro strips be the brace invariably would start to slide down my pant leg and get loose.  I seemed to be tightening it every hour or so.


I seem to have a little better luck with the brace at home where I have it right on my skin and can wear shorts. 


I think I can get my Docker slacks over the brace for next week but am worried about how challenging that would make it to tighten the brace during the work day.


Is this a common early-on problem or am I just too paranoid about cutting off circulation to my leg if I make the straps super-tight.