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Happy Thanksgiving

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I hope everyone who celebrates this holiday has a happy Thanksgiving and those who can get to make some turns this weekend!

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I spent my first Thanksgiving in Tahoe at the beautiful Northstar with some friendly Bears then came home to  smell the turkey cooking in the oven and commenced the eating portion of the day.

What an incredible day!

Hope you all had a great day and found many things to be thankful for!



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Glad to see bears on the slopes this Thanksgiving!  Ate and drank too much....again!  Had great news from the kids in Seattle....Mrs Cajun and I are gonna be a maw-maw and paw paw.  Guess I have to start being nice to the Seattle bears.  Maybe one or two might take me skiing when we go visit.

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Ragin, what kind of preparation does your Turkey get?

Sumthin' special, eh?


And congrats on the Paw Paw!


See you in January?

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