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Helmet recommendations

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I've been looking to pick up a helmet and was curious if anyone had any recommendations for an oval head?


I'm looking at both hard/ABS shell and in-mold but would probably prefer a hard shell so it doesn't dent from accidental contact. In particular I'm looking at the POC Skull Light and the Scott Envy. The main attraction to the POC is the fact that it has an EPP multi-impact liner instead of the standard EPS, but I'm not sure it has enough ventilation.



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chris, oval head,- try a smith variant or vantage.

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If you want multi impact,great fit and lots of ventilation check out the Giro Omen. They are also adjustable to insure a snug fit. They are a bit pricy if you get them at retail but you can sometimes catch them on SAC  or Tramdock nicely priced. Also, because they are adjustable they run a little big.Great overall brain bucket!   Hope this helps,   Dave

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I tried POC helmets on in the shop and they definately have a more round profile to them, which left a lot of pressure points and I had to go up a size to get rid of them and then the helmet was swimming around. I have an oval shaped head and didn't think they would make the best fit for that shape. They also seemed kind of cheap and had a plastic-type feel to them, which was surprising as I always thought of POC as a high-quality brand. They look nice on the outside but the materials on the inside kind of reminded me of a low-end Bell bicycle helmet.Granted, I didn't try the high-end skull race helmet but for a $150+  helmet, I was kind of surprised at the material quality.


The Smith Variant brim had a perfect fit to my head and felt very high-quality. I don't own one but always try helmets on if I get a chance to know what I should look at in the future when my current helmet is finished--Giro G9.


IMO, if you are going to spend $100+ on a helmet, it's definately worth it to try it on for fit before you make a purchase. 


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Bern.  My new favorite.  Get the "Hard Hat" if you are looking for multi-impact.  Only issue - not CPSC/ASTM certified, but I wear mine with no worries at all. 

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I've got an oval head and my helmets have been either Giro or Briko.  I'm not up on the current models of either.

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I tried on 30 or so helmets last year, and the ONLY comfortable one for me was the Salomon Patrol helmet.  Nice shape and you can use the padding in there, or swap the liner padding out for a beanie.  Vents open and close, fur liner is tits, etc... Got mine for 49$ at .

Looks like they are out of last year's models...sorry.

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I've got a medium-sized oval shaped head and the Smith Variant Brim fit my head perfectly.  POCs were too round, Giro's and Bern's were too tall (I only tried one Bern though), Salomon Patrol was close but not as comfortable as the Smith Variant Brim.  Never tried a Briko.

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