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Stowe 11/24, Opening day

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Weather: Partly Cloudy, temps in the upper 20's. WINDY! 20-30mph winds out of the northwest all day.


Snow: Variable. Some boilerplate, some death cookies, but some soft stashes as well


Trails/Lifts: Forerunner quad running on 6 trails, which amounted to 2 runs at the top, funneling to a single run for the bottom 3/4 of the mountain.


Crowds: Negligible


Summary: Overall, not a bad first day on snow. Stowe was open top to bottom, always a good start. I could tell they had rushed to open, as they didn't have the snow mounds from the guns totally groomed out. Made for an entertaining roller coaster in any case. They were blowing hard on multiple trails all day, so they should be opening more trails very soon.










Blowing Snow:


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Thanks for that -- I was wondering how things were shaping up. I'm glad we didn't drive 5 hours to ski up there this weekend.

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nice stuff!


stowe pass holder this year?

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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

nice stuff!


stowe pass holder this year?

I'm pretty sure you'll see him in the locker room.


FreeSki - the rollers are there because they did not rush. They shave the whales down a little bit at a time so that they won't dig out a wet spot and make the hill icy. Watch as they open the other trails, it'll be the same thing.

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You will indeed see me in the locker room. Start with my off snow training tomorrow. Epic, I haven't seen that done before. At Okemo they would knock the whales flat and then just run the snowtillers and the groomers over them a ton.

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