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What do you carry in your backpack when you ski/snoboard?

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Do you wear a ski pack/backpack when you ski?


If you do what do you carry?

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I wear the smallest pack I could find that still had ski-carry straps on it.

In it I carry the stuff most people have in their pockets -- I hate chipmunk pockets.

I must admit, though, that once you have someplace to put it, it becomes harder to resist the temptation to carry stuff you don't really need.


Working from memory here, since I dont feel like going to the basement...


water bottle or two (I dont like drinking from a straw, so I dont like camelbacks)

a Cliff Bar or candy bar or similar

the "other" lens for my goggles

dry socks

leatherman tool

another small screwdriver


reading glasses

cell phone (sometimes in my pocket instead)

car keys


lactaid tablets

a few cable ties

a small flashlight

The ear flaps and vent inserts for my helmet if its warm out

extra neck warmer (those turtle-fur thingees)


space blanket (still in the original package, still folded into a tight little lump)

trail map

trail map from the previous mountian that I forgot to remove

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That depends on a few things such as where you are skiing, whether you are staying in 'ski in - ski out' accommodation or whether you have a locker.


Personally I prefer not to carry a backpack unless I have no other option or the day looks like the weather conditions could vary a lot necessitating a lot of clothing changes.


Because of my personal dislike of backpacks I am very careful when buying my jackets and pants. I put small things like credit cards and money in my pants pockets. I ensure that I buy jackets with enough pockets in the body and arms to accommodate my other essentials such as:




Lens cleaner

Small sunscreen (but I have found most resorts supply this at the ski school office now)

Chap stick

I wear my keys on a lanyard around my neck


Naturally if you are going to be out all day and a long way from facilities you would need a lot more than this and a backpack would be needed.

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Always carry a backpack containing: screwdrivers, water, chocolate, biscuits, face mask for very bad weather, googles for opposite type of weather, tissues, lens cleaner, sun lotion, aspirin, shovel and skins. The avalanche transceiver and Avalung are with me too, but not into the backpack. I don't carry a probe because I can turn my poles into a short one in less than half a minute.

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Lemme see ... in no particular order, or in the order that I remember them.


Camelbak water bladder

sunglasses in a case

small screwdriver

diamond stone

a whistle

mountain snacks

neck warmer (sometimes)

spare baselayer or thermal (sometimes)

Cat Tracks in a plastic bag

spare plastic bags

hip flask full of scotch (to ward off the chill y'know)

pain killers


camera (sometimes)


Damn!  Here I was thinking I only had a few things in there ...  and now I've gone and bought a slightly larger pack with ski straps.



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Nothing..... just a poser trying to like like a backcountry skier while I'm skiing the blue groomers.

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Hate skiing with a pack. Starting using the Ogio Flak Vest last year to carry shovel and probe. Works pretty well.

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I carry a backpack containing :

Platypus water "bottle"

Chocolate/assorted food


Spare : gloves, bandanna, vest, sun glasses, beanie

Swiss army knife & tool

Cat tracks (once removed from boots) in their own pocket

Emergency kit, emergency tissues (with disinfectant) 

In the hanesses pockets : 

Emergency whistle


In the "lid" pocket :

Emergency cover

One old ama-ski (small hammock)

When the needs arise :



very short strings bits


Plus, the backpack is an hard shell, and works as back protector.

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I think you've got a laptop in there too.

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My backpack has in it:


Camera & tripod

Morning paper

Socket set

Battery powered waxing iron


File set

CB radio



100' of 1/4" rope

emergency shelter

Coleman stove & fuel

sleeping bag



food for three days

half case of cold frosty ones.

camp chair

1/4 cord of dry firewood


jumper cables (not sure why they're there)

extra change of clothes




sun block

snow shoes 

mask and snorkel (good for those deep powder days)


But I never wear it.

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Originally Posted by prickly View Post

I think you've got a laptop in there too.



Oopps, you're right, that one too. But only on those week-ends when I'm on stand-by shift for the office...smile.gif


Instead, the camera, a point-and-shoot, is hunged from my neck with a loop.

No reason to take one and keep it in the back pack...it would take too much time to get it...I'm already slow as it is...

by the time I'm ready to take a picture..the thrill might as well be gone!

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8 track tape player and kitchen sink

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Usually just drugs, porn and explosives.

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Sometimes there is a thread you just know is going to draw a reaction like this...

You can just feel it.

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wife & kids -- well, what's left after the fire and all...oh, wait. this isn't tgr!

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Originally Posted by Jer View Post

Usually just drugs, porn and explosives.

Just in case you fall on your back,
you're gonna wanna be sure it's just soft drugs and soft porn in there.
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