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DIN Settings for Kids

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Well, another ski season is here and it is time to inspect, adjust, readjust, lubricate and/or initially set bindings for the kids.  Since kids grow and change weight so quickly, knowing their current recommended DIN setting is important.  Besides, I suspect the non-ski specific shops occasionally make mistakes when they make the setting (customer handwriting on the form isn't legible, customer mean kg and not lbs., tech guy hung over, too busy selling scuba equipment, etc.). Here is a link for a DIN setting calculator: www.dinsetting.com that other parents may find useful.


I don't want to get sued, so remember to have those bindings checked by professionals.

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Nice reminder.


And don't forget that though last years skis might still fit, last years boots might not.  Along with new boots come a binding size adjustment and possibly a tension (DIN) adjustment.  Goes for adults too.  Even the same size boot could have a different BSL so the forward pressure would have to be adjusted.

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