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New Boots for Weird feet in Lake Tahoe

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I'm planning a holiday from Australia to Lake Tahoe beginning 20 March 2011. The main purpose of this visit (apart from skiing) is to get new boots.


I'm 52 years old and have very difficult feet to fit.


Specifically my problems are...


  • Very large calf muscles as I have spent my whole life standing and walking on my toes (weird, I know).
  • Limited Dorsiflexion
  • Short, wide, somewhat web-shaped (not too dramatic) feet
  • High arch


I have had a pair of Strolz boots for the last 13 years that have been tremendous. They had a walk/ski mode which allowed me to ski with quite an upright stance. I also had a significant heel lift inside.


I purchased a new pair of Strolz boots two years ago, but unfortunately they didn't work out too well as they had too much forward lean, which unfortunately neither the store I bought them in, nor another Strolz store could solve. Pity, because I truly loved my first pair more than life itself.


So, my questions are.....


  1. Am I arriving too late in the season for a boot fitter to obtain and fit a suitable boot for me - that is, will stock be too limited this late into the season for my difficult feet?
  2. Do boot fitters take appointments 4 months out?



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i can't comment on the stock levels of shops in the region but i would guess they are gettign a bit thin by that point in the season.... there are a few options around there, i would contact either Jim Shaffner at Starthaus in Truckee or Bud Heishman at Snow wind sports in Reno, both post on this forum frequently and are the best placed guys to help you out... sure they will be along soon with some more comments about diary availability and stock situations


good luck getting sorted

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Thanks for replying CEM - sounds like I might be leaving my trip too late.

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don't right it off yet, speak to the guys, they will know their stock levels so much better than i can even guess...for my store we like to clear all stock and if we run out ealry i would rather send someoen away till the next season if needs be, i may lose a few but it is better than having a pile of stock..... our season here is very early though, by that point in march i have pretty much shut up and gone skiing but we have been selling since august on recreational boots...most european resort shops haven't even opened yet

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I am the Strolz retailer and fitter in the Pacific Northwest for Strolz. Although the newer boot that you purchased does not have the older ski/walk devise (which also adjusts the incline) the newer boot incline can be adjusted, and in fact has a full range from straight up to - as in your case -  way to far forward.  The forward incline on the new Strolz boot is adjusted by removing and replacing the cant pieces on the inside and outside cuff of the boot.


I have all the replacement parts and would be happy to help you.


Give me a call or email, my contact information is on my web site.



Pacific Northwest Strolz

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Hey Don,


Thanks so much for your phone call and assistance in showing me how I can modify the Strolz boots to solve my problems.


I really appreciate your assistance with this. Next time I need boots, I'll definitely be heading up your way.



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