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appropriate ski flex (allmountain ski)

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Hello everyone.

Getting back on the slopes after a season of rest (my primary concern is the ski flex depending on my weight .... considering i'm not a mega agressive skier)

After reading a lot of material and giving it some thought I decided to buy a pair of allmountain skis

I'm an intermediate skier , 6ft 5"
and 250 lbs (29 years), riding 80% groomers, variable snow conditions (nice compact snow which tends to get softer and bumpier during the day).....I rarely ski in icy conditions

My previous skis were elan mantis M12 dual titanium. (176 cm but felt a bit short)

When using the Elan configurator it suggested that the most appropriate would be the elan WaveFlex 78 TI and 82 WaveFlex XTi. (Do you think that the 78 TI's are absolutely too soft for me)?


On my wishlist are also the following skis:
Fischer motive 80
Völkl AC 30
Salomon XW Tornado TI
Atomic nomad blackeye TI

I'm mainly concerned with the listed skis being too soft for my bodyweight... but at the same time I wouldn't like to go too wide underfoot (max 82) as my last skis were 70 underfoot (i have tested a pair od 78 magfire (not ti) but they were way too soft, but felt pretty good edge to edge)

I woul realy appreciate any input on this


Is there to your knwledge any flex index (longitudinal) similar to ski boots flex index, which would make comapring skis simper in that sense.


Thanks in advance

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Well, I guess ski manufacturers doesn't take into consideration such weights when making mass skis.

I would buy the longest Elan 82xti or Salomon XW Tornado Ti or similar all mountain skis having 2 sheets of metal inside (preferably wood core not foam).

Take a look at Blizzard, too, some of their skis work great for heavy skiers.


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would magnum 8.1 ti IQ-MAX be approptiate then?


I'm just a bit concerned with the ski lenght as they only make them up to 179 cm.


BTW, are 12 DIN usually strong enough to carry me?

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The 8.1 is a stiff ski, so the 179 should work, but may not be happy at speed. The Elan 82 Ti would be fine for you, and a good fit with your skill set. Ditto for the AC30. IMO the other skis may be too light or flexy for you. If you're athletic and plan to improve, I'd also recommend that you think about the Head iM 82 (last season's Peak 82; this season's is different.). They are beefy skis that will hold up to your size nicely, and are particularly good in variable snow and crud. As a bonus, you can find them at great prices online these days. Try a Google. 

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thanks for your reply.


When you say the magfire 82 ti, do you mean the orange magfires 82 ti or last years 82 xti's in green, because from my knowledge they are quite different (the orange ti being with a single sheet of metal, and the green xti with two sheets).


I'll check out head's as well......how do they behave on compact groomers (long carving turns)?


BTW, i am able to get a pair of x-wing tornado TI's at a really nice price.......any experience with that ski?

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If the price is good, grab the Tornado Ti (the "Ti" part is important for you). What lenght?

About Elan, get the green one (82).

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So I got the tornado TI's with Z12 bindings.


Used as a demo two times!!!!.....got'em at a bargain --> 440$.


I got the 180 cm length.....hope the ski works out for me.....will try to post my experience with the ski.


Thanks for all your help.

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