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Summit County Thanksgiving Weekend

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I'm planning on taking my son (14) up to summit county this weekend for a couple of days. He's a green/blue snowboarder looking to improve this year. He's never been that interested previously so he's only boarded a few times. Any suggestions for early season tracks? I will be using my Colorado Pass. I've never skied keystone so I thought we might stay there (cheaper than breck) and ski there at least Friday. How are their conditions right now? I have no experience with keystone. It's the only summit/eagle county mountain that I have never been to. Obviously coverage everywhere is pretty limited right now. I'll probably stay with him and rent a snowboard or twin tips to keep myself entertained but I'd still like to do some steeper runs if possible.


Of course I could make the extra drive to vail Friday, stay in Frisco, then do Breck Saturday... Not wild about the extra drive since I'm coming from Fort Collins but if anyone can give me a good reason to do it, I'm listening. 





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Coverage is pretty amazing right now -- probably more terrain open than at anytime this early any time recently.  But as a green boarder, not much to worry about on that front.  The areas covered by the Colorado Pass are likely to be more crowded this weekend.  Keystone is probably a better choice than Breck.



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Check the resorts' sites tomorrow for new open AND groomed areas.  Agree that coverage is somewhat limited, but for November and early, is pretty great to me.  A Basin has lots open very early for them, not just the standard 3-4 runs they open early...Keystone and Breck seem to be opening lots from last weekend through today. 


We were at Keystone Saturday.  It had quite a bit open for November, but NOT much groomed. Assume that is pretty important to your son.  They were warning folks at the gondola atop Dercum that only expert ungroomed runs were open on the back two mountains.  Mozart was not open to ski down that way to the back peaks. 


For Keystone the only long groomed green was Schoolmarm, which is very easy, but I expect if he only hits that run he will be pretty bored by lunchtime.  There were a couple of other combination blue green runs open, just not sure how much he would like it if he is more of a "green" boarder than "blue".  Again, should be far more open in the next 48 hours. 


They do seem to be getting good coverage starting this week, and continuing through tomorrow -- we too hope to be up on Friday.  To be honest believe that Breck's blues are far easier than K'stone's and saw on Facebook that Peak 9 was opened either today or yesterday.  IF peak 7 was open too would say that Breck would be a better fit for a beginner who is progressing, but don't know if it will open by then...from the distance atop Dercum on Saturday there was already a lot of snow all across Breck's peaks. 


Good luck

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