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Epic Mix

Poll Results: Do you like Epic Mix so far

Poll expired: Dec 23, 2010 This is a multiple choice poll
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    what the *&^( are you talking about.
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Now that ski season is underway at most of the Vail resorts, I was wondering if any of you have been using the Epic Mix feature and if so, do you like it, hate it, or just don't care one way or another.

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It isn't available yet.  One of our Epic board members started a company to offer a RFID cloaking device.  Problem is he was a long-time ski instructor at Breck, and they thought he was competing with them, so he left.  Here's his website.



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It is up now...I looked at my stats for the first time just now and am guessing that some are correct and some not- the number of days could be right (13 at Breck, Keystone and Vail- doesn't include A-Basin), but they only showed me riding 1 lift at Keystone yesterday and had what looks like 10 duplicate rides at Breck last week (same time or within 2 minutes).  Another day at Breck seems to be missing a few lifts we took.  Didn't check all the days, but some looked correct...who really remembers all the chairs they took??   full review at

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this guy is really impressive


put in 70 K of vert in 1 day and over 2 M for the season...the most I have had is 44 K in a day which dropped to just over 20 K when I took out the duplicate rides

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is this data from having your season pass scanned as you ride a lift? our system is only for certain lifts, mostly at the base.

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For the amount of money they spent on this and how little it does pretty lame IMO especially when you consider all the risk you take when using an electronic tracking device. The idea could be kind of cool if there was more to it.

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they only scan you at the bottom but all the lifts have sensor "gates"  and when u board the lift it registers you rode it. Different then the guys scanning at the bottom  to make sure ur pass is valid.


It's kinda cool I guess but I think it's kinda a huge waste of money.

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The Basin doesn't have RF technology let alone EpicMix. I have looked at my stats because they are there but, it's just a waste of money so far unless your tops on the leaderboard I guess.

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