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How to ski bumps

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I'm a newer skier, looking for any tips to ski bumps. I've been googling around reading what I can find on the web but would appreciate any firsthand tips from the experts here.


I can get down the runs, but if I go down them fast at all, it's really taking a lot of aggression and effort, far more than I feel it should be. I particularly have problems with the softer ones where your skis more often unexpectedly dive into some softer snow a bit. I see some blaze straight  down them, and from a distance you wouldn't even know it was a bumpy run by their line. I don't expect to get to that level overnight but would like to at least to get the essentials down.


Initially I was trying to pick a line through them 100% but that doesn't seem to work. Lately I'm finding it seems better to almost ignore any line (except for the worst/biggest bumps or troughs) and just try to relax, not worry about the specifics of what I'm blasting through, and try to straightline through them. Better, but I still feel very inefficient and like I'm getting more beat up than I should.


Also do shorter skis tend to be more advantageous or longer skis? I have a few pairs, lately I've been favoring my skis that are a hair shorter than my full size.


thanks for any suggestions

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Type "mogul" in search or go to Ski Instruction & Coaching, all kinds of goodies with "jonjon" written all over 'em :)


Good luck,



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Here's a bump thread with with a video that's worth checking out. Let me know if you have more questions.

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thank you sorry I wasn't clear that  bumps and  moguls were one in the same, or I would  have  searched more for mogul skiing.


thanks again

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