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Do you 'sometimes' worry about new skis or boots?

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Let me explain. I've got a good pair of boots and skis, they've seen a hell of a lot of use, but I love them. The boots fit so well, and I can take my skis anywhere and really tear up anything. My K2 Public enemies were left over by a graduating kis at out school and up until this point I never thought I'd use a twin-tip ski.

Anyway, even when I demo a new ski you don't always know how it's going to be in all terrain. It is for this reason that I always stick with the top end all mountain ski, which has usually seen me right, but I do hate giving up any ski that has treated me well.

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Err...sorry, what was the question, again?

Are you asking whether we ever feel renters' remorse and therefore only rent models that were rated 'top in category'?

If that is the question, then the answer is: 'No'.
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no, I'll try to be clearer, I sometimes feel no new ski could be as good as the one I'm on now. I remember about ten years ago, on my Volkl Vertigo G31 or G32's not sure which number it was now, but they were literally falling apart, beyond repair, but I skied so damned well on them, thought nothing could ever beat them. I hated to let them go, but I did and I've had a good and bad experience since. One was the Volkl superport, with 6 yellow stars on them, great for ice, but not the best all mountain ski. But now on some skis that I feel are up there with my old Vertigo's, just hope they survive a few more seasons.

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Oh. Ah. Yes, I tend to keep things forever, and I only get rid of it when I go back and the ski disappoints my memories.
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Boots, yes.

Skis, no.


Skis are just a tool used to accomplish a goal.

Use them up and then get some more.ski.gif

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I had a pair of the G31's and I think it was probably one of my all time favorite skis and I skied it for 5 seasons. I think they hit a real homerun with that ski . I gave it to a guy I knew at the local hill to motivate him to try a shaped ski and bet off his P9's!

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I tend to spend too much time thinking about my next pair of skis.


Boots, on the other hand, I'll wear till they disintegrate.

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Yes and no.

I usually do a lot of research before buying, and the skis I've bought met my expectations, so I'm not worried, that they won't. or I've risked a very small amount of cash and I've not lost much if the ski's aren't all I had hoped for.


I hate getting new boots.


P.S.  I will believe there is a better ski for high speed skiing than my ancient Kästle Super G skis, when I demo them. 

Strangely, I don't see a lot of DH or SG  racing skis at the demo tent.th_dunno-1[1].gif.

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