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Found some bargain ski's, but which ones to choose?

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A relative who is visiting Germany at the moment has found a ski shop with a number of skis in a clear out sale. Problem is I have never skied any of them, but they seem to be a real bargain or are they?. Opinions on them would be really useful and would they suit me?

I am 165lb, 5ft 9in and like skiing steep and groomed plus small bumps and light powder/spring cruddy stuff (i'm rubbish at deep stuff, spend most of my time falling over in it). I really enjoy long carved turns. Normally ski x scream series in 179 or my wonderful fun axecleavers.(and some very worn out olin apex's that are fit for not a lot!))

The skis are all about £200 ($280)with bindings and are as follows:-

Head Cyber X60 in 180cm
Atomic beta carve 9.29 in 184cm
Fischer drs102 ice in 178cm

These are a bit more £230 ($320)but they have all lengths

Fischer rc4
Volkl p40 rc energy
fischer rc4 race carve pro with booster
Atomic beta carv 9.18 carbon 2002 model

I have just sold a pair of Rossignol Salto 10.2x in 177cm as they seemed unstable on hardpack, chopped up crud or at speed. Good when skiing slowly or in soft snow, perhap I was to heavy for them? (I think they changed the name to Cobra for last season, not the T power ones). I was lucky and won them in a raffle so didn't really choose them. The new ones would be a replacement as I carry them all over Europe when away with work in the winter, any opportunity to ski. They get a bit knocked about with all the travel, hence looking for a bargain.

I thought the Head Cyber X60 would be ok from the reviews I have read or the Atomic 9.18's? I just don't want anything quite as soft as the Saltos, but it would need to work well in all conditions as on a work trip I just ski whatever the conditions as there is usually not much time.

Probably the wrong time of year for all of this but any advice would be really useful, as it has been in the past.
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Don't even question it grab the 918's , theres a good reason they are one of the hardest skis to find . Lots of instructors and patrols on them because of thier versatility and stability.
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Thanks for the advice, The 9.18 have the integrated atomic binding which sounds ok if a bit plastic.

Next question is length? I would normal choose the same length as my x scream series at 180, but would 170cm be better and as stable? It would be more fun and quicker in trees, bumps etc, but will it be stable?? I have never skied anything that short before except my axecleavers which are a specialist hypercarver, fun but i could not ski them all the time.

Advice welcome (betaracer are you out there?)
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I don't want to get into a Atomic vs. Fischer vs. Volkl war of words but if you like to make fast GS turns most of the time on the terrain you described the Fischer RaceCarve or Volkl model or an upper end Atomic ski would probably be a better choice for an advanced or better skier than the Atomic 9.18.

The 9.18 was designed more as a versatile everyman's ski than a high performance ski. It has proven to be a great success as and has remained largely the same ski for the last three or four seasons. Some instructers may perfer it to the 9.20 because most instructing in the US is done on beginner and intermediate slopes where the 9.18 excels.

I like Fischer skis and have skied on them for a long time. The RC4 GS race skis are generally best suited for racing. The Fischer RC4 RaceCarve skis on the other hand are a high performance GS ski at 181cm and quite versatile. At 171cm they have slalom ski characteristics.

This forum has a lot of skiers who ski on Volkl skis and they can offer their own views.

Atomic, Fischer, and Volkl all produce great skis. It's more a question of which model best appoximates your your skiing style and ability and is best suited for the terrain and conditions you like to ski.

You may want to hold off for a little while before you make your final decision. You may see other views and experiences expressed here that can be helpful.

Whatever your choice is I hope have a great time on them!
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My uncle had a good look at the atomic bindings for me last night and he thought they seemed to have lots of plastic to save weight. Not sure.......I think i may wait a bit for some more opinions. Also the binding for the 2002 model is extra (they didn't say that until yesterday!)so adds a quite bit to the price (they were supposed to be a bargain!!)All the others have bindings icluded i assume because they are last years stuff.

The Head Cyber X60 seems the best value of the skis i know a little about. The only head skis i have used were a hired pair of cyber 24x which were dreadful, i went back and swapped them for some salomon axendo 9 which were better.

A bit about my skiing style may help. I ski mostly in Europe on red and black runs, which in USA/Canada would be single black diamond area. Enjoy groomed stuff mostly, but small bumps are fun. I really like skis with decent edge grip on hard pack surface, i need to trust them. I enjoy a variety of speeds but do like fast long carved turns. The Rossi Salto's were not very impressive on this type of snow at all. The rest of the detail is in the first post

However as these are going to be the 'travelling pair', a full blooded race type ski which is real hard work is not really what i want.

There are some Volkl p40 rc energy in 173 to 193,Volkl p40 sl carver energy in 170 and some rossi 9x pro course and rossi rc9 x pro in 177 as well, (These seem to be race skis however.) as well as the others I mentioned in the first post.

My uncle is in Germany for the next 2 weeks, so theres no rush.

Thanks for all the opinions so far.

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Monseur Bergerac,

Have you ever skied any of the skis you are considering ? So how do you know you will like the ski ?


Imagine spending all that money for the bargin skis, you anticipate the ski season, and now it has arrived and it is time for that first run on those "new" sks.

After just three or four turns you discover you hate those skis. So you say to yourself," Self, it's just the first run. Things will get better. You did make a terrific buy on those boards. Things are going to work out just fine"

Later, things are just marginally better, and now you have some serious doubts about your buying decision. Not a happy prospect.

Demo first if you can. You may pay a little more, but if you love to ski and that's due in part to the skis you bought because you tried them first, the extra cost will soon be forgotten.

Remember, a poor choice of a bargin ski, that you are not sure of, because you have never skied it, can give you nightmares.
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I agree with what you are saying, and in a perfect world then I would like to demo the ski's. However in Europe asking to demo is often met with a 'surprised' look. You are usually expected to hire a pair of the skis you want, and then often not in the size required. They will be at premium rates as it will be this years model. Sometimes you will be able to try one or two skis but thats usually it. With my X screams I compared them to Bandits but all the rest on my list at that time they didn't have anywhere in the resort.

Finding Atomic, Fischer, Volkl in France can be quite difficult, most shops push Rossi's and Salomon. Austria is opposite. In my experience anyway.

The shop owner is usually not keen because he can make a lot more money hiring them for a full 6 days (usual european holiday)than keeping skis for demo purposes for 1/2 day demo's.

The USA and Canada has a different attitude, which is much better.

From what I have read the atomic 9.18's or the Head Cyber X60 would suit me best, Has anyone skied the Cyber X60 and can give their opinion.
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Have gone for the 2002 atomic 9.18's in 180cm. Thanks for everyones input. They have this new device binding which will adjust to any boot length with out drilling, so if they are really bad I can just sell them on. However I think they will be just fine. 5 months to go..............(will post some opinions on the binding when I ski them).

Have a good summer.

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