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K2 PE/Extreme Length

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So Ive been searching Craigslist and the like for a nice set of used PEs or Extremes.


I have found that both seem to come in a 169 and the PEs then jump to 176; and the Extremes seem to have been made in 174 for one year or both.  That is what I have gleaned but I could be wrong.





Current: Volkl 6* 168cm


All east coast, all mountain, no park, trees, bumps, etc.


I know twins run shorter so I am wondering will 169s (which are far more prevalent than the 174s on C-list) be too short/unstable at speed?


I think 176 is too long for my weight combined with tighter east coast quarters.  174 would probably be perfect but like I said they are hard to find.




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Some points:


- most everybody wished the PE came longer than 179 - including people your size and weight.


- you won't be able to tell the difference between 174 and 176 anyway - consider them the same length.


- I regularly ski an old Troublemaker (similar ski) in 165!, and I'm 5'11" and north of 205lbs - short works for me, just avoid mach-stupid in the spring slush.


Advice? I reckon the 176 should work just fine. Don't sweat the 2cm difference.

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174cm should be perfect for where your at. FYI they never made a 176cm PE/extreme. the info your getting is wrong.


the last couple years of the PE and the Extreme came in




There was also a 184cm extreme


176 was never marked size but it could have been the measured size of a 174 PE.



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Yeah All the PE's ran about 2cm longer than their listed length.  So that 176 is probably actually a 174.


I always wished they came longer than a 179, then when the 184 came out, I had already had 2 PE's and a Fujative and I was bored with them all.

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