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What is it?

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And where is it?  Any guesses?



eternal flame close up.jpeg 


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I've been there. That's Jabba the Hut lighting one of his farts in a cave behind Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskills. Bring a hot looking woman with you or he'll just fart you out of there before you can get within 200 yards. He seems to like the ladies.
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Thanks, Carvemeister.  My companion on that shoot will be happy to hear she was the reason we were able to get close enough to get pics.  


40 views, and only one attempt at a guess.  Looks like I've stumped the house.  Cool.  Still, I'm betting someone will eventually connect the dots and figure it out.  


Hint;  it's thought to be a one in the world phenomena.  

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It looks like Eternal Flame Falls near Buffalo, NY. 

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Bingo, Gnarlito.  I thought it was going to take a Western New Yorker to figure it out.  Well done. 


eternal flame full frame by rick.jpg

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