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Big ups to Vail skiers

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Just something I noticed over the past weekend; Vail skiers are good.  Yes, I know that they are skiing really flat terrain and all, but the average person I observed from the lift was going pretty quick.  I think I only saw a handful of people, children included, pulling the pizza.  I'm sure the "average Vail skier" will get worse around the holidays when the Bogner/fur coat/10 gallon hat crowd shows up, but from a person that grew up skiing in Nor Cal, you guys are way better on average.  Furthermore, you guys are LIGHT YEARS ahead when it comes to bumps.  I'm sure this trend extends to A-Basin, Steamboat, T-ride, and other places like Jackson Hole, Whistler etc., but just an observation. 


OTOH, you Vail skiers that showed up in a neon green red bull fart bag, and your mixing partner in his white absolut vodka fart bag...



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It's not  that they're good, everyone else is just really bad.

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That is a part of it, to be sure.  Northstar = case in point.

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Looks like Red Bull is expanding the scope of their ski athletes this year haha.

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