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Ski gogglesh

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Hi everybody.. I am looking for a pair of ski goggles that have a reflective lens of some sort. Color honestly doesn't matter. I am however looking for a frame that has a unique/colorful design. (straps as well). Price isn't a major issue but Id rather not spend more than 100$. I have been specifically looking at: Scott Alias kingpin goggles. I can't tell if these have the lens I want. Is this a good choice?

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Bump.... any ideas anybody?
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I don't know much about Scott goggles but Oakley and Smith make some really nice goggles.


For Smith goggles  I'd check out the I/O, Prodigy, Phenom, and Prophecy. Some mirrored (reflective) Scott lenses are the Ignitor, Platinum, and the Sol-X lenses.


For Oakley goggles I'd look into the Wisdom, A-Frame, Crowbar, and Splice (Crowbar and Splice can be spendy). For Oakley mirrored lenses check out the Black Iridium, Dark Grey, and the Fire Iridium. Hope that helps.

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FYI reflective lenses only really do well in sunny conditions.


Its seem that no matter where I ski sunny is normally never the ski cover.

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