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Vist Bindings - Speedlock

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I must recommend the Vist Speedlock system.  I use three pairs of skis of varying widths, Dynastar, Atomic, Nordica; one binding that interchanges. When I travel, the bindings go with my ski boots on carry-on.  I check the (3) Ski package, it's slim and light.  I'm the only one I know that uses them and have only seen them as demo's elsewhere. I can't believe this isn't an almost standard practice. I guess the only problem is that they aren't in most stores and I purchase them on-line... but still!

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snowabode, welcome to Epic.

There have been a number of skiers who use Speedlock on this forum, but none of them have bothered to do significant reviewing.

Would you mind adding your review at

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I've got them on a pair of 191cm VIST GS skis and think it's an awesome system.  If ski manufacturers would give buyers the option of buying skis with their OEM plate or the VIST plate, the VIST system would be selling hand over fist.  Hell will freeze over before that happens, though.


I only have the one pair, so I can't benefit from the advantage of being able to swap bindings between skis. The other big advantage, though, is that it allows you to play with different binding positions on the ski in about 15 seconds.



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Love the Speedlock system.  I have Speedlock plates on my Stockli Laser SC and Stockli Laser SX  skis and will be adding them to my Stockli Stormrider XXLs.  Using the Vist 614 binding (a very solid binding).  Great for carrying multiple sets of skis and love the ability to easily move the binding placement to find the sweet spot on the ski.

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I agree--it's a great system. I have Vist plates on almost all of my skis, everything from the lighter-weight TT plates to the heavy alpine competition plates. The toe and heel pieces interchange between all of them easily and, unlike some other "systems," when they're locked in, they are solid!

The only problem is that they can be hard to find in the US, and they are fairly expensive. The expensive part is mitigated substantially if you only buy one pair of bindings and "share" them among several pairs of skis and plates. But the hard-to-find part can be a deal-breaker.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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VIST??? Never heard of them....

These are what I stare at every day in my office - like a snow talisman.

I put Speedlock plates on two new pairs of harts. Three pairs of skis - one set of bindings.

The plates come in different designs depending on the use. Stiff plates for race skis, less so for carvers and flexible ones for all-mountain.

But more than that, the mounting holes on the plates allow you to fine tune the position of the boot forward or aft of the ski center line.

And when you ship skis, as the OP said, take the bindings off - and take another pair of skis (subject to weight limits).

Brilliant concept. Highly recommended.




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Now I'm just trying to find out if I can put a Speedlock plate on a slider plate for my Blizzard Titan Agros and dump the heavy Duke binding (and maybe a second slider plate with a Dynafit binding for AT duties with the Agros).

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Thanks to all respondants.  I'll be looking for you on the slopes - those with Vist skis?... you won't be hard to miss! Great graphics.  Since seeing your skis, I've done some reading.  My fourth pair will be Vist.

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I have a pair of brand new, never mounted VIST Speedlock Pro plates for sale. Am willing to sell them for less than retail price. If interested, please contact me. Thanks!



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