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Cruel Boots

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Hi guys,


This is my first post, so hopefully I'm not making any rookie faux pas... but here's my story. Used to race back in the late 80s, when I was a kid in hs and college. Now after many years of skiing at best 1-2 times year (kids), I'm looking to ski more often again. However, the problem is that either my feet have changed or my tolerance for pain has gone down, b/c every time I have skied in the past 4-5 years I end my day with literally swollen and red shins and a brutal red bruise on the inside of my ankle bone of the right boot (bony ankles and shins). Every left turn is torture. My left boots still give me some shin bang, but not the ankle inflammation. So last year I finally got the shits of this and went to a boot fitter while visiting family in PA and asked what I could about it, and he put in a pair of orthotics (not the heat-molded kind but these were about 75$). I skied once after that and though the problem seemed slightly less severe, I still could not imagine skiing 2 days in a row given the bruising my shins and ankles take after just 4-5 hrs of skiing. BTW, I wear nice slightly padded ski socks, keep my thermals way above the boot cuff, and tend to crank the boots down at the top, relieving the pain on the lift up. On my ankle bone, there is no discernible problem with the liner, other than what must be a lack of sufficient padding on the tip of the bone. PS: I also tried renting one time and that did not improve things dramatically either.


My boots are Salomon XWave 10.0 (Flex 110) size 27.5 and I wear a 9.5 size street shoe typically. Perhaps laughably, I still haven't upgraded my 207 cm Volkl Explosiv R Electras from back in the day, so I'm still probably weighting and unweighting more than most skiers on the shorter carvers, but when not in excruciating pain, I can still churn out some nice GS skiing. For as often as I ski, I just haven't seen the reason to shell out a bunch of cash for new skis. Boots, however, are another matter. All I want is some comfort. Any ideas? I live in Providence, any good boot fitters nearby?



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first thing is probably to change out the skis..i assume you have power steering on your car, so why not your feet when you ski???


i also suspect that the boots may be a touch on the big side, the X wave was pretty long to size and also suffered interesting cant set up so it may be as simple as adjusting the cuff adjustment which can change the set up of the entire boot...but this needs to be done where someone can look at how your foot sits in the boot, it may be all that is needed on the other hand it may be time to get a whole new set of kit...bots skis the lot


take a look at the whos who wiki atthe top of the forum this will give you the location of some pretty top notch fitters in the vermont/new hampshire area


there are others but i am not sure who they are, people mre local to you than me will come along and advise on that point


good luck getting sorted


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To expand a little further on what CEM has posted.


  • Your boots are at least one shell size too big. (I skied an X-Wave in a 27.5 and wear 11.5 in a New Balance)
  • Your boots may also be too high in volume for your foot shape. (X-Wave was a fairly roomy boot)
  • Your liner has given up the ghost and is no longer protecting your foot from the oversized shell.
  • Now.......about those skis....................eek.gif



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