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if you are like me  I have family that is always looking for gift ideas.I usually cant't think of any. I started to list a few items that are inexpensive and easy to find. Here's a few ideas and please add items that you have on your list.


1- Voile straps (do a search, you will want a few)

2- sun block

3- lip balm with block

4-roll of duct tape (I like the 1" width)

5- diamond stone

6- rub on wax- zoom dominator for iinstance

7- glove liners

8- ski socks

9-neck gaitor (non-pink... you know I am speaking to here?)  smart wool or OR wind block

10-- accelegel shots (or similar)

11- powder chords /straps

12. whistle


Feel free to add....

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